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In an online casino there are a number of differences between traditional online Blackjack and the British version known as Pontoon Blackjack, although the overall aim of getting to 21 or close to it is essentially the same.

The Differences between Pontoon Blackjack and Traditional Blackjack

In traditional American Blackjack a player is able to see one of the dealer’s cards following the initial deal. In British Pontoon, both the dealer’s cards remain face-down until the time the dealer starts to play. One more difference is that in Pontoon Blackjack a five-card trick wins two to one while it only pays one and a half to one in traditional Blackjack. Remember that a five-card trick is when you have been dealt five cards and your total is still twenty one or under. Only “Blackjack” beats “Pontoon” in a game hand.

How to Bet at Online Pontoon Blackjack

With the ability to play multiple hands, place a bet for each hand you wish to play. Each bet can be for a different amount. Once you click “Deal” and receive your cards, you can select to “stand”, “hit”, “double” or “split”. You must decide separately for each specific hand. Following that, the dealer flips his two cards and plays to a conclusion.

Play Online Pontoon Blackjack Now!

It is so easy to install our Canadian online casino at Canada. Once downloaded, you can start to play this famous British twist on the traditional Blackjack game. It’s tricky without knowing either of the dealer’s cards but that just makes it even more intriguing. You can also play Blackjack in other forms such as Blackjack Surrender or Lucky Blackjack giving you the chance to win even more fabulous cash prizes at Canadian, the ultimate online casino games experience.