Play Lucky Blackjack Online at Canada

This is a game of gut instinct and tactical betting. With a little know-how and a lucky touch, you can win hand after hand, without having to beat the dealer.

The Differences between Lucky Blackjack and Traditional Blackjack

Unlike in traditional online Blackjack, the dealer does not deal you your own cards in a game of Lucky Blackjack. Instead, the dealer deals himself a hand and it is your job to guess what total the dealer will get.

How to Place Bets in Lucky Blackjack?

The first step in this casino game is for you to place a bet. You select a number of bets out of a possible 7 scores listed in the centre of the table. These scores are Bust, Blackjack, 21, 20, 19, 18 and 17. The score you choose is the one you think the dealer will end up with. Click 'Deal' and see the dealer’s cards, first with one face-down and then both face-up. If the value of the dealer’s cards is 16 or less, then they must hit until they reach a score of 17 or more, when they must stand (if 21 or under), or the value of the cards indicate that the dealer is bust. If the dealer’s final value is equal to your original prediction then you are a winner!

Lucky Blackjack Payouts

  • Blackjack = 19/1
  • Bust = 2/1
  • Twenty One = 12/1
  • Twenty = 4/1
  • Nineteen = 6/1
  • Eighteen = 6/1
  • Seventeen = 5/1

Play Online Lucky Blackjack Now!

Lucky Blackjack is a simple yet captivating online casino game. Download the software at Canada and start playing Lucky Blackjack, as well as other online casino games such as Pontoon and Progressive Blackjack today.