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For some online blackjack action with an exciting twist, try your hand at our Lucky Lucky Blackjack game online at Canada today! Played using six decks of cards and using standard rules for all the classic cards entertainment you’d expect from your favourite online casino, this unique variation has an exciting extra side bet that you opt for. Originally popular in North America, the added extra bet has made this game spread in popularity around the world. Played before the standard round plays out, the extra bet means that you get the chance to win more cash based on cards dealt to both you and the dealer. You may also be eligible for an online casino games bonus – check the promotions page to see if you can give your bankroll a bit of a boost today.

Lucky Lucky Blackjack Side Bet

When you play Lucky Lucky Blackjack and you opt for the unique side bet, then the outcome of the hand will be decided by a combination of your two initial cards and also the faced-up card belonging to the dealer. Your side bet is always decided by these three cards and so it is completely separate to the rest of the game. You go on to play your standard Lucky Lucky Blackjack round once this side bet has been decided only. So, how do you win the side bet? The answer is simple: your side bet is a winner when the three cards that have been dealt (two of yours and one belonging to the dealer) make a total of 19, 20, or 21 combined.

How to Play Lucky Lucky Blackjack Online

Only after the Lucky Lucky Blackjack side bet is decided can you continue with your standard game. Your aim is to land a higher hand than your dealer, with a total card value that does not exceed 21. If you want to play to try and get even closer to a 21 total, and you feel you won’t bust, you can click Hit. If you’re happy with your dealt hand, you can Stand. Other options come into play such as Split and take Insurance, as the game plays out: these options only become available to you when they’re relevant to your game. Whenever you win on Lucky Lucky Blackjack, your payouts are automatic, so all you need to do is keep your eye on your game and enjoy the fun!