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Online blackjack games don’t get more exciting or varied then All Bets Blackjack at our online casino; as the name suggests, all possible blackjack bets are accepted when you hit the tables, with all kind of interesting options to choose from. Fancy playing for a giant progressive jackpot? Or feel like winning up to 2000 times your stake with a Buster Blackjack bet? How about placing a Top 3 bet for a 500:1 payout when you win? At Canada, you can do all this and more when you play real money All Bets Blackjack games. You can access this thrilling game around the clock, and if you’re a new player, you can also take advantage of our online casino games Welcome Bonus up to $400 offer to give yourself a boost and use it as additional online casino bankroll.

All Bets Blackjack Rules

You can have up to three hands in total when you set this online blackjack game in motion; indicate on the felt how many hands you wish to play and for how much. You click the chip icons to place your bets – make a mistake and you can use either Clear Bets to clear all and start again afresh, or Undo to remove your last bet and continue on. Before you deal the cards, you can also place any of the special All Bets Blackjack side bets, including the progressive. When you’re ready to play, click Deal and receive your cards. You then play each hand simultaneously against the dealer; your aim is to beat him for a payout with a hand of 21 (or as close as possible).

Your All Bets Blackjack Side Bets

Known for its amazing bets and win opportunities, as well as classic online blackjack action, your two top-paying side bets are:

Progressive Blackjack: each progressive side bet increases the jackpot payout until it is claimed, then it returns to its base amount. To win the progressive, you need to secure four suited aces; if you win the jackpot with a different amount or suit combination, you will still win an impressive jackpot payout, but not the progressive.

Buster Blackjack: for a payout of a max of 2000x your stake, you need the dealer to go bust – how much you win is dependent on the number of cards that bust the dealer, and your own hand. You do not have to hold Blackjack, but if you do, you could win the top payout.