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The object of Roulette pro is just like any other Online Roulette game; you try and predict where the ball bearing will settle on the Roulette wheel in turn for a payout. There are lots of betting opportunities and you can place multiple bets, with all bets paid out if the end number matches your prediction. Enjoy premium graphics and animations for a state of the art experience every time you log in and play, and if you opt to play real money games like Roulette Pro today, you can also claim an exclusive online casino Welcome Bonus up to $400 (plus 200 free spins).

Roulette Pro Special Features

The Roulette Pro wheel consists of numbers 1 through 36, alternately coloured red and black, plus a zero slot which is green. This is the same as the European Roulette wheel, with better odds of winning when compared to the American version, so you’re guaranteed plenty of winning opportunities and plenty of fast action for a fun online casino games experience whenever you log in and play. Extra bets you can place include Voisins du Zero, Tier, Orphelins, and Neighbours; check out the payout table to see what these winning bets are valued at. The highest bet you can win is the Straight Up or Single Number bet that pays out an impressive 36-1.

How to Play Roulette Pro

To get started playing Roulette Pro, you choose whether you want to play on flash or download software, and then log in to your online casino account. Select Roulette Pro from the online Roulette area in the lobby, and you’ll be taken to the table. Start by setting your bet amount by clicking on the chips; then click on the area of the table that represents the bet you’d like to make. You can make multiple bets and when you’re ready to play, click Spin. If you make a mistake and want to remove your bets, you can hit the Clear bets button before hitting Spin and start again. The wheel will turn and when it stops, the ball bearing will land in one of the numbered slots; this is the winning number and if any of your bets contain this number, you will win a payout. All bets are honoured, with payouts awarded automatically to our bankroll by our fast and responsive software. Winning bets remain on the table and you can remove them like any other bet or leave them on the table for the next round.