Play Multi Wheel Roulette Online at Canada

Multi wheel roulette is an exciting game that plays up to six wheels at one time, offering you more chances to win in a single game. If you enjoy the thrill of watching multiple wheels spinning at once or you want to increase the speed in which you can win, multi wheel roulette may be the best choice for you at our online casino. Each roulette wheel pays out separately and ends with a different winning number.

Playing Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi wheel roulette is set out similarly to a classic European roulette game with 37 numbered slots including the numbers 1 through 36 and a single zero. There are ten basic bets that can be placed, including five inside bets (straight up bet, split bet, street bet, double street bet and corner bet) and five outside bets (column bet, dozen bet, red or black bet, odd or even bet and high or low bet). There is also a racetrack in this game, allowing you to make use of the additional announce bets. These include tier, orphelins, voisins de zero and neighbor bets. Players must place their bets to begin the game and then set the wheel to Spin. The bet will be multiplied by the number of wheels you are playing on with an equal bet per wheel. Once the little ball comes to rest in one of the numbered slots, players will be paid out for any wins on any of the wheels according to the paytable of the game.

Special Features of the Game

Besides for the racetrack and the multiple wheels which are the main feature of this online casino game, there are other useful and unique features available that enhance the players’ experience. The roulette wheels are set out with a 3D view, creating a live casino feel. Players are also able to make use of a History function that is available for each of the separate wheels in the game so players can easily see their results on a chart and work out which wheels have been lucky for them in the past. There is a Favorites Bets option that allows players to save favorite bets from past spins in to quickly and automatically set the bets for a coming spin. Even the table can be customized in a game of multi wheel roulette, allowing players to change the color of the table to suit their preference.

Multi wheel roulette is one of the newer variations added to the online roulette suite from Playtech and it has become a popular game option for its fast play and exciting gaming experience.