Play Mini Roulette Online at Canada

Looking for a change from the traditional online roulette experience? Then it might be time for you to try Mini Roulette at the Canadian and experience this popular alternative.

Differences between Classic Roulette and Mini Roulette

While similar to European Roulette and American Roulette, Mini Roulette offers some significant differences. Firstly the wheel and board displays a different number of spaces, therefore changing the odds of the game. Secondly this is a game that is only available online and not in your local land-based casinos.

How to Play Online Mini Roulette

One great aspect of this game, is that it is played exactly the same as classic Roulette – meaning there are no new rules to learn before you get spinning. You simply place your bet, spin the wheel and watch where the ball comes to rest to determine if you are a winner. However Mini Roulette has only numbers one to thirteen (plus zero) on the wheel, thus affecting the payout ratios. For example a single number offers 13/1 while landing on the zero means you only lose half of your original bet, similar to landing on double zero in American Roulette. Finally there are a number of betting options such as Even or Odd, Red or Black, Column Bet, Six Bet, Three Bet, Street Bet, Corner Bet and Split Bet.

Play Online Mini Roulette Now!

Want to play online roulette with an increased chance of great cash prizes? Then all you have to do is download our fantastic software, set up an account and you are ready to get playing on Mini Roulette. When you want to return to the full-size online roulette table you can play one of our other online casino games like Premium American Roulette or 3D Roulette. is the superior online casino for Mini Roulette. We’ll see you at the table!