Online Roulette

Canada's best online casino invites you to play roulette. Our online roulette games offer players an opportunity to win money, learn new strategies, and have fun!

Canadian Roulette Games Tips

We are constantly updating on online roulette game options, so return to our menu often to stay up-to-date with best online roulette games in Canada! The rules of roulette differ slightly for each version, so be sure to check out the rules for the specific game you play

How to Play Online Roulette

Playing online roulette at our popular Canadian casino couldn't be easier! Simply place your bets on any of the numerous options available to you, let the dealer (also known as the "croupier") spin the wheel, and collect your winnings if the ball lands on one of your spots! You can bet on individual numbers, on blacks or reds, on evens or odds, or on columns, dozens, street bets, five number bets, or corner bets.

At Canada you also have the option of playing with live croupiers at your roulette table when playing in real-money mode.

Roulette History

There is a lot of dispute when it comes to the history of roulette. Many believe that it's a Russian game, while some insist that it was invented by the ancient Chinese. Others credit Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician from the 17th century, as the father of roulette. The word itself is a French word meaning "little wheel."

To win money playing online roulette at Canada, as with all of our casino games, download our easy-to-use program, open a real-money account, and let that little wheel spin! Feel free to contact our customer service agents 24 hours a day with any questions or concerns you may have.