Play Slingshot Roulette Live

If you love the real-time immersion of Live Casino gaming but prefer things to move a little faster, Live Slingshot Roulette could be just what you need. This Playtech-powered gem is fully automated and delivers fast and fluid Roulette gameplay throughout the day.

The game spins itself, winners are paid automatically, and there’s room for everyone, so pull up a virtual seat and prepare for the best non-stop Live Roulette game in town!


With a high RTP, familiar rules, and a wide betting range, Slingshot Roulette has a little something for everyone:


Slingshot Roulette has an RTP of 97.30%, putting it on par with other games of European Roulette. That equates to a house edge of 2.7%.

Game Provider

Like all of the great Live Casino games available at CA, Slingshot Roulette is part of the Playtech Live Casino catalogue.

Game Type

As a Live Roulette game, Slingshot Roulette follows many of the same rules you’re familiar with from virtual games of Roulette, but it takes place in real-time.

Min Bet

The minimum bet is $0.10.

Max Bet

The minimum bet varies based on the type of wager you place. The table limit is a generous $50,000, but Straight Up bets can’t exceed $250 and others are limited to between $500 and $5,000. Click the “Table Limits” option in the sidebar to learn more.

Special Features

If you look to the left of the game screen, you’ll find a series of menu options providing insights into the game’s operation. These include the table limits, payouts, statistics, and recent results.

Not sure which bet to place? Use the “Lucky Dip”. You can also stack your bets using the “Bet Creator”.


If you have any experience with European Roulette, you’ll fit right in here, as Slingshot Roulette uses the same single-zero wheel and betting board.

In the middle of the screen, you’ll see the game wheel. It’s a real wheel in a real casino studio, and it’s programmed to keep spinning throughout the day. The automated wheel never stops turning and the ball remains inside the illuminated dome at all times.

Rather than relying on a dealer to drop and spin the ball, the game uses a series of air jets to propel it out of the number squares and around the wheel. It’s a flawless movement that ensures continued and uninterrupted gaming at all hours.

The betting board is entirely virtual and located below the wheel. To place your bets, simply select your chip denominations in the bottom-right corner and then click on the number squares.

Betting options include:

Bet TypeWhere to Place Your Chips
Straight UpOn a single number
SplitOn the line between 2 numbers
StreetBelow a vertical line of 3 numbers
Corner/BasketIn the centre point of four numbers
LineIn the centre vertical line that connects 6 numbers
Column/DozenOn “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, or “3rd 12”
Red/BlackOn the red or black colour box
Even/OddOn “EVEN” or “ODD”
1-18/19-36On the “1-18” or “19-36” spaces.

As it’s a real-time game, you don’t need to confirm your bets once they have been placed. The betting period runs for 15 seconds and all bets that remain on the board after this period will be confirmed.

After the wheel has spun and the winning number has been confirmed, the result will be announced by an automated voice and a list of the winners will appear to the right of the wheel. The game then resets, the 15-second timer returns, and everything starts anew.


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Slingshot Roulette uses European Roulette rules, which means there is only one 0 section on the wheel and players have a higher chance of winning than they do with American Roulette variants.

The payouts range from 1:1 to 35:1. With the former, a $10 bet generates a $10 profit plus your stake returned. As for the latter, a $10 bet would earn a $350 profit. Of course, the probability of hitting that 35:1 payout is also much lower.

Take a look at the table below to learn more:

Bet TypePayoutProbabilityRTPHouse Edge
Straight Up35:12.70%97.30%2.70%


Roulette is a game of chance, which means there is no effective strategy that will guarantee success. However, you can increase your odds by learning the rules, understanding the payouts, and being patient and sensible. Watch a few games before making your first bet and take it easy, being sure to place smaller bets to begin with and only increasing those stake sizes when you’re comfortable and know what you’re doing.

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You can play on your mobile device and we recommend it, but it’s important to only connect through secured WIFI. We can guarantee safe transactions and fair casino games, but we can’t control your connection and if you transact on an unsecured public WIFI, you could be putting yourself at risk.

Slingshot Roulette is an automated Live Roulette game that moves quickly and effortlessly, making it the perfect choice for players who enjoy the thrill of real time gaming but like the speed and fluidity of virtual gaming. It uses an automated wheel fitted with tiny air pockets that propel the ball around the wheel before letting gravity take over. It doesn’t require any input from a dealer and so it can run throughout the day and night.

The RTP is 97.3%, equal to a house edge of 2.7%.


Slingshot Roulette is unlike anything else you have played. It looks and feels like a virtual game. Everything moves quickly, there is no chatter from the dealer, and no pauses as dealer changes take place. But the wheel is real, the game runs in real-time, and you’re playing alongside several—and sometimes dozens—of real players.

It contains many of the things that you love about virtual Roulette taking place within a Live Casino setting.

To experience Slingshot Roulette for yourself, sign up for a CA account today. And if you discover that it’s not quite right for you, don’t worry, as we have dozens of other Live Dealer games to choose from, along with hundreds of real money slots, table games, lottery games, and more.