Sicbo Deluxe Live Game Shows

Live Casino games have changed the way people can enjoy playing at the online casino. Instead of relying on RNG technology, you can watch the action unfold in real-time with HD streaming cameras set up at a special casino dedicated to online users.

Canadian players can enjoy an exciting game of Sic Bo Deluxe Live at CA. The popular dice game, which was created by Playtech, allows players to bet on the outcome of three dice, and gets a major upgrade in the Deluxe version. In addition to the regular bets, multipliers are added to up to 6 random bets that can have a significant impact on your payouts.

The game is led by a Live Host, who talks with the players, explains the rules, and entertains everyone at the table. The dice are placed in an automated dome, which shakes them around to get the game results.


  • Game Type: Three Dice
  • Provider: Playtech
  • Return to Player (RTP): 97.22%
  • Release Year: 2020
  • Min Bet $: 0,20
  • Max Bet $: 300
  • Multipliers: Up to 1,000x


Sic Bo Deluxe is an Asian dice game, which has started to grow in popularity in the rest of the world. The game has three dice placed in a globe that automatically shakes when the betting window closes. The game has similar betting options as Roulette, except instead of betting on what number the ball will land on the bet is which numbers will appear on the dice. Check out the complete betting options further down in this section.

Rules of the Game

When you join the Sic Bo Deluxe Live game, you will have to wait for the current game to end before you can place your bet. Click on the chip you wish to bet and then place it anywhere on the betting table. When the timer reaches zero, up to six numbers will receive a random multiplier that can increase the size of a win. Then, the three dice will be shaken in the globe, and any wins will be paid out.

Sic Bo Deluxe Live Betting Options

The betting options are all related to the outcome of the three dice.

  • Small or Big – Bet on the sum total of all three dice. A Small is between 4-10, and a Big is 11- 17.
  • Total – Bet on the sum total of the three dice. The payouts vary based on the number; you can see a complete breakdown in the Payout section below.
  • Single – Pick a number from 1 – 6, and if any of the dice show your number you win. The more dice with your number, the bigger your payout.
  • Double – Pick a matching pair of numbers, and as long as two of the dice show your number, you win.
  • Triple (Specific) – Bet on a specific number to appear on all three dice.
  • Any Triple –This bet covers all six numbers, giving you a win if any triple is rolled.
  • Combination – Pick any of the 15 possible two-dice outcomes


Each bet has a different payout, based on the odds. The riskiest bet is the Triple (Specific). Of course, high risk equals high reward, and a correct bet will earn you a 150:1. That payout can increase up to 999:1 with the deluxe multiplier. The safer Small and Big bets have 1:1 payouts. Meaning, if you make a $5 bet on Small and the three dice values equal 8, you’ll win $5.

Total Bets and Single Bets have different payouts depending on the number. Check out the chart below for a complete breakdown of all the payouts.

Bet TypePayoutMaximum Multiplier Payouts
Small or Big1:1N/A
Total Number 4 or 1750:1499:1
Total Number 5 or 1620:1299:1
Total Number 6 or 1515:199:1
Total Number 7 or 1412:139:1
Total Number 8 or 138:134:1
Total Number 9 or 126:129:1
Total Number 10 or 116:124:1
Single Number Win with one Die1:1N/A
Single Number Win with Two Dice2:187:1
Single Number Win with Three Dice3:187:1
Triple Specific150:1999:1
Any Triple30:187:1


When you register your CA account and make a deposit, you’ll be eligible to claim your Welcome Package. While the details are frequently updated, the bonus offer includes matching bonus money that can be used when playing Sic Bo Deluxe Live, and other Live Casino games.

Active players can enjoy bonus packages built specifically for Live Casino players. Visit the Promotions page today for all the latest offers.

Canadian players will benefit from the Multiplier bonus that can affect up to 6 numbers during the game. Any winnings from this in-game bonus can be redeemed instantly without having any wager requirements.


The multipliers are completely random and so it’s impossible to predict which numbers they will affect. It’s important to note that single dice bets and Big/Small bets are not included in the multiplier bonus. One betting strategy that can increase your chances of hitting the multiplier is to pick your favourite number and bet it on the Double, Triple, Triple Specific, Combinations, and Totals. The strategy can be a bit risky, as you’ll have to place around 12 bets for each game, but it covers a good percentage of the betting options, thereby increasing your odds for a multiplier.

The standard RTP, based on the low-risk Small/Big bets is 97.22%. When you take all bets into account, the RTP percentage ranges from 95% - 97.22%.

Before you can develop a betting strategy, you have to determine if you prefer a high-risk/high-reward strategy, or a low-risk/low reward option. The low-risk option is perfect if you’re planning on sitting at the table for a while, but don’t want to plow through your bankroll. Stick to the Small/Big bets, which have 50% odds, and pay out even money.

If you’re hoping to make a splash, move on to the higher risk bets, place chips on several betting positions, especially those that overlap, such as focusing on a specific number. When it hits, you’ll win multiple times, and increase your odds of hitting a multiplier.

Yes! As with all Live Casino games at CA, Sic Bo Deluxe is a mobile-friendly game. It’s available through your mobile browser, so there are no apps or software needed to play.


Sic Bo Deluxe Live is a fun casino game with plenty of betting options. What differentiates this game from the standard Sic Bo Live are the random multipliers that can be applied to as many as six betting positions. The top prize, with the multiplier, is 999:1 payout on a Triple (Specific) bet. The only way for a chance at winning real money is to sign up for your online casino account and make a deposit. CA accepts a variety of payment methods for your convenience. Claim your Welcome Package with your first deposit and play for real money today.

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