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Quantum Blackjack is a live variant of Blackjack. The name implies that it’s a highly exciting version of Blackjack, and it delivers. It provides quantum multiplier cards during each game, which in turn, can increase the prizes that are awarded on winning hands.

The title comes from Playtech, and you can see exactly what Quantum Blackjack has to offer in our Live Blackjack section. The ability to increase the size of each payout, makes this one of the most popular Live Blackjack variants on the market.

The quantum cards, the additional side bets, and the dealer pushing when busting with 3 cards, are the main differences that exists between Quantum Blackjack, and regular Blackjack. This makes this one of the most interesting and enjoyable versions of Blackjack on the market.


The main unique feature about Quantum Blackjack in terms of gameplay, is definitely the multipliers that it offers. This isn’t something that other Blackjack variants have available. Although the side bets are offered in some versions of Blackjack, the multipliers are not seen anywhere else.

The host is also a great feature. While it doesn’t necessarily impact on the gameplay too much, the host does spice the game up, and make things a lot more interesting. They are quite active, and they will provide a lot of entertainment to players with the way that they behave. This makes things a little bit more exciting, which is all a part of making the Quantum Blackjack experience more enjoyable.

Another unique feature is how the cards are dealt out to players. In Quantum Blackjack, just a single card is dealt out for all the players to play with. This may sound strange, especially as normal Blackjack provides each player with their own cards, but it works very well in the game. From here, any players who make different decisions, will receive different cards. So, all players who choose to stand will stay as they are, but any players who choose to hit, will continue. It’s very innovative, and it is a great way for multiple players to all play on a single table with a single dealer.

The final unique feature is how if the dealer busts from 3 cards, then all remaining bets are pushed. This is even the case if you have a natural Blackjack.

  • Provider: Playtech
  • Game Type: Live Game Show / Card Game
  • RTP: 99.47%
  • Min Bet: $2
  • Max Bet: $4,000


Quantum Blackjack generally plays to standard Blackjack rules. There are a few very slight differences though. It uses an 8-deck shoe, and there is just a single hand dealt out for players. The game allows for an unlimited number of players to join the game and then the game is played on that single hand.

The way it works is that all player decisions are carried out with any different decisions that are made allowing for offshoots to take place. This allows for all players to make their own decisions without multiple hands having to be dealt out. The standard Blackjack instructions of hit and stand are joined by other betting options. It should be noted, that if the dealer busts on 3 cards, then all bets are voided, even winning ones, and a push is awarded.

Betting Options:


Choosing to double means that you will instantly double the stake you have placed on your hand. In return, you will receive one more card, and then instantly stand. So, you might increase your stake from $1 to $2 on a hand of 10, and 5. You will then be dealt another card and your turn is finished.


Choosing to split takes place when you are dealt a pair in your hand. In this instance you will split the cards into two different hands, with each hand being dealt another card to replace the card you are splitting. You will have to add another stake to the new hand, in order to split.


Insurance is offered whenever the dealer’s up card is an Ace. This gives you the chance to place a side bet on if the dealer will get a Blackjack. This pays out 2/1, and if the dealer gets a Blackjack, then it will pay out.


The multipliers in Quantum Blackjack appear on every hand. At the top of the screen, between 1 and 3 multiplier cards will appear. These cards will also have a multiplier number next to them. If you have any of the cards that appear at the top of the screen, then that multiplier will be applied to any potential wins that you make.

The multipliers don’t apply to any side bets, they are only applied to the main bets that you make. If you have a significant number of multiplier cards, then the values are multiplied together. So, if you had all 3 multipliers at a value of 10, that would give 10 x 10 x 10, which would apply a multiplier of 1,000x to your win.

If you choose to double or split, then as long as there is a multiplier card in those hands, it will still apply to any win that you create.


There are two different side bets that players can make in Quantum Blackjack, not including the insurance bet. The first is the 21+3 side bet and the second is the perfect pairs side bet


21+3 is a side bet that is worked out based on the two player cards and the dealer’s up card. If you choose to wager on this side bet, then those three cards are checked to see if they create a flush or other Poker hands. The paytable for this is below:

Suited three of a kind100/1
Straight Flush40/1
Three of a kind30/1

Perfect Pairs

Perfect pairs is a side bet based on the first two cards that players are dealt. If the cards are a pair, and this side bet is taken, then a payout will be awarded. A perfect pair is a pair that come from the same suit.

Perfect Pair25/1
Same Colour Pair12/1
Mixed Pair6/1


It’s set at 99.47% as standard. However, depending on the play method you use and side bets that are taken, it can go as low as 95.9%.

The min. and max. bets are shown in the top-left corner at all times. As a CA casino player, you can bet as little as $2 for every hand.

The maximum bet is capped at $4,000 per hand. This only applies to the main game, though, and there are smaller caps ($200 and $400) for the two side bets.

It depends on if you have played side bets or not. For a standard win the odds are set at evens. The multipliers that can be applied can also make the odds increase significantly.

Yes, you can. Quantum Blackjack is fully mobile compatible.

To protect yourself when playing on mobile, be sure to only connect to secure WIFI (or 4/5G) connections and always lock your device with a passcode, fingerprint, or face ID. A trusted CA casino can protect you on the casino side and ensure that your experience is always safe and fair, but they can’t help you with your connection, so always double-check and make sure it’s safe.


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Learn more by clicking on the casino’s Promotions page, and don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions before you accept and collect.


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Once you’ve signed up, you can easily sit and watch players for a while before you start playing for real money. This will give you the ability to learn about the game before jumping in. Once you are fully comfortable, you can just enter the live Blackjack page, and start playing for real.