Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live Game Show

Live Game Shows are the latest craze at the online casino. They take a popular game show or casino game, add some exciting twists, bring in a Live Dealer, and create an exciting and fun game.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live has quickly become one of the most popular Live Game Shows for Canadian players at online casinos. Based on the classic tale Alice in Wonderland, Playtech adapted its popular Adventures Beyond Wonderland progressive slot game and turned it into a bonus wheel game, with many characters from story making appearances through Augmented Reality (AR).

Place your bet, and the Live Dealer will spin the bonus wheel to see whether you’ve won a multiplier or entry to the fun bonus features. Get all the details in this Live Game Show review.


  • Game Type: Live Game Show / Roulette Wheel
  • Software Developer: Playtech
  • Return to Player (RTP): 96.82%
  • Release Year: 2021
  • Min Bet: $0.20
  • Max Bet: $10,000
  • Multipliers: Up to 100x


You can find the Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live in the Game Show section of the Live Casino Game Lobby. If you join a game while it is in progress, you will have to wait for it to be finished before the betting opens. There are seven betting options, and when the betting window closes, the Live Dealer will spin the wheel. The Live Dealer is dressed up as either the Mad Hatter or Alice, and you will also get to meet the White Rabbit, Blue Caterpillar, and the Deck of Card soldiers while on your adventure.

Rules of Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

Place your bet at the start of each round for a chance to win. There are seven different betting options, each based on the segments on the bonus wheel. You can bet on up to four numbers, each with different multiplier payouts based on the number of times they appear on the wheel.

  • 1 = 1X
  • 2 = 2X
  • 5 = 5X
  • 10 = 10X

The Blue Caterpillar can randomly blow a bubble and trigger the Caterpillar Multiplier Mystery. This adds up to a 5x multiplier on any numbered position.

There are two mystery segments on the wheel, and as long as you place a bet, you’ll be eligible for the mystery prize. There are two possible mystery prizes.

  1. Card Soldier Mystery Multiplier: Four animated playing card soldiers will march in front of the wheel. Choose one card to reveal your multiplier prize between 2x – 10x.
  2. Caterpillar Mystery Multiplier: The caterpillar will blow several bubbles, gifting each numbered betting position an increased multiplier. The wheel will then respin, and you will receive your payout + multiplier if it stops on your number.

Magic Dice

If you bet on the Magic Dice and win, a 6x4 gameboard will come on the screen, with a 100x multiplier on the top. Each space on the board has either an Advance Arrow, a 2x multiplier that will be applied to all positions, or a multiplier for that specific place.

Choose the red or white dice, and they will be rolled in an automatic dice shaker. There are three possible outcomes:

  • Advance Arrow: you will advance to the next row.
  • 2x Multiplier: A 2x multiplier will be added to all positions.

In both these scenarios, you get another roll of the dice.

  • Multiplier Prize: Once you land on the spot with a specific multiplier prize, you collect your winnings, and the feature ends. You can win up to 200x if you land the 2x multiplier on your first spin and the 100x after that.

2 Wonderspins and 5 Wonderspins

The final two betting options are for 2 or 5 Wonderspins. When this segment comes up on the wheel, the White Rabbit will come and bring you the Wonderspin wheel, which is located on the backside of the main wheel.

The Wonderspin wheel has 54 segments. There are six Alice in Wonderland characters that have a starting multiplier prize:

  • One White Rabbit segment with a 50x multiplier
  • Four Cheshire Cats segments with 14x multiplier
  • Five Queen of Hearts segments with an 8x multiplier
  • Nine Dodo segments with 5x multiplier
  • Eleven Dormouse segments with 4x multiplier
  • 16 Mad Hatter segments with 2x multiplier

There are three non-character segments:

  • Two Eat Me segments add a 1x multiplier
  • Three Drink Me segments reduce the multiplier by 1x
  • Three No Win segments

Before the wheel is spun, an inner wheel spins and can add up to a 10x multiplier or an additional spin. If the wheel lands on a multiplier, the White Rabbit will randomly select one of the characters and add the multiplier to its prize total.


This Live Game Show is truly an adventure, and with all the multipliers and increased multipliers, you could be in for some nice wins. In the main game, the 10x payout for a bet on $10 is the top paying segment. Make a $10 bet, and you can win $100. The biggest win potential is the 200x payout in the Magic Dice game. The Wonderspin feature has some excellent payouts, the White Rabbit starts with a 50x payout, but that can increase based on the inner wheel spin.

The chart below shows the payouts for each bet and the maximum win potential.

Bet TypePayoutNumber of SegmentsRTP
Magic DiceMaximum 200x multiplier296.58%
2 WonderspinsUp to $500,000396.66%
5 WonderspinsUp to $500,000196.67%


When you register your online casino o account and make a deposit, you’ll be eligible to claim an exclusive Welcome Package. While the specifics of the offer are frequently updated, it always includes bonus money that can be used when playing Live Game Shows.

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Each bet contains a multiplier win. The top multiplier bet in the main game is the 10x payout from the $10 bet. The Blue Caterpillar can always increase the multiplier size when it starts blowing bubbles. During the Wonderspin feature, each charter has a multiplier payout, and the White Rabbit can increase the payout by up to 10x.

Based on your bet, Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live has a range of RTPs from 96.66% - 96.82%.

You can cover at least one number and one bonus feature for the best chance of winning. However, this is a game of luck so no strategy can guarantee a win.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live is a mobile-friendly game that is compatible with most Android and iOS devices. You can play directly from your mobile browser without downloading any apps or software.

To protect yourself when playing on mobile, be sure to only connect to secure WIFI (or 4/5G) connections and always lock your device with a passcode, fingerprint, or face ID. We can protect you on the casino side and ensure that your experience is always safe and fair, but we can’t help you with your connection, so always double-check and make sure it’s safe.


Go on an adventure when you play the Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live Game Show at a CA casino  for a chance at winning real money. The bonus wheel can award you up to 10x payouts or a chance at several exciting bonus features. Look for the Blue Caterpillar, White Rabbit and playing card soldiers, as they are the keys to bonus features and can increase your chances of winning.

You need to register your online casino account and make a deposit to play. Once your account is active, you can enjoy the entire collection of Live Game Shows at a CA online casino of your choice.