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Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer Live Casino Games in Canada, as these are no longer made available to us by our software provider.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and suggest you try out some of the other fantastic games we have at Our wide selection of Casino games ranges from classics like blackjack, baccarat and roulette to action-packed slots like desert treasure Slots and Iron Man 3 slots – there’s something for everyone!

Few things can compare to the experience of working with a live dealer at an online casino. It’s the sort of experience which allows you to gain the immediacy of a regular casino in the best locations on earth, from Macau to Monte Carlo without the hassle of actually going there. Here’s how our live casino dealer games work and while you’ll absolutely fall in love with once you experience them.

Live Dealer Give You a Sense of “Being There”

There are few things that match the feeling of being at the online casino, the sights and sounds are unique, and add to the gaming atmosphere. At CA, even though our online casino games have high quality sound and video, seeing the computerized roulette wheel spin ‘round and ’round simply doesn’t have the same immediacy as watching the croupier drop the ball in person. Watching a computer shuffle the cards doesn’t offer the same adrenaline rush that seeing the Live Baccarat paddle serving cards to you offer. And the excitement of being dealt an ace and a king in Live Blackjack just can’t be beat.

Live Dealer Technology Brings the Casino To You

Fortunately, you don’t have to physically travel to Catalina in order to feel as if you’re there. Our online live dealer works in a real casino which we’ve contracted with to provide you with the ultimate live casino experience.

We use cameras to stream a real time view of the dealer and of your cards so that you can have the same experience as if you were actually sitting there in the casino as the croupier yells “banco”. In fact, when you banco in our live dealer online games, our dealers call it just like in a regular casino. CA Guarantees Absolute Security

Of course, just as we guarantee the security of our online casino games, your security is guaranteed when you work with our live casino dealer. He or she is a licensed dealer, subject to the same rules of game play that you’re used to in the finest casinos the world over. This means that your hand is completely secure when you play Live Casino Hold ‘em and that the Live Roulette tables are 100% authentic and inspected by gaming commissioners.

Our Commitment to You

It’ all part of our commitment to be your ultimate online gaming site and we’re proud of the fact that we offer you the best experience possible with live dealer games available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Try it out today and you’ll see why people are giving up the inconvenience of air travel in favor of our live casino direct games.