Play Chinese Kitchen Slots Online at Canada

If you are in the mood for takeout but can’t seem to find the menu, then we’ve got your order right here! Chinese Kitchen is the online slots variety that serves up some unusual dishes including caterpillars, crabs, octopi and a snail that looks like he’s seen better days! Chinese Kitchen is a happy medium for many people because it sits comfortably between the simple single payline options like Jungle Boogie and the more involved versions like Captain America – The First Avenger, a multi line option with loads going on all the time! Our fabulous online casino hosts both these types and many more, but Chinese Kitchen is a good in between for people looking for a little action but not too much to make your head spin!

Chinese Kitchen Features

The only thing to keep track of during these online casino games is the paychart and your open lines. We’ve already discussed the benefit of multiple lines, and now you’ll see it in action. Without any sight of a scatter or wild symbol, Playtech wanted to do something to spice up this funky flavoured menu, so they threw in a unique symbol. All of the other symbols need you to get three of them to pay out. For example, three ducks will give you eight units, three frogs give you one hundred and three turtle will deliver an exciting one thousand credits. Notice how it’s always three? Three ducks, three frogs, three turtles. The crabs, however, offer a different turnout altogether. If you have two crabs, you’ll get ten units, but three crabs scores you two hundred units! That is a lot more multiplying than you are used to!

Chinese Kitchen & Other Casino Games

If you are into the multi spin variety, and we don’t know anyone who isn’t, then we have a great selection for you. Take Triple Profits out for a spin because you will quickly understand why we call it this! Line up bags of cash, along with dollar signs, money scales and bars of gold for your chance to walk away with a heaping load of dough! Tropic Reels revisits the jungle theme that many of our gamblers enjoy (maybe it satisfies that need we all have to get away on holiday to a warm, remote location!) Find multi-coloured birds, frogs and fruit on these lines for a chance to win big payouts that you are going to love for sure! It’s just the tip of the iceberg here, so dive in deep at Canada now!