Discover the best online slots with Cash Collect feature

Cash Collect is an innovative feature found in many slots pioneered by gaming tech giants, Playtech. This fun-filled feature provides a new dimension to your gameplay, allowing you to instantly win exciting prizes.

The Cash Collect symbol is responsible for triggering many interesting and entertaining possibilities on the reels, such as free spin bonus rounds, big cash wins, and even Mini, Minor, Major and Grand jackpot prizes. Playtech has introduced this popular mechanic to many of its titles including Gold Rush, Atlantis, and The Walking Dead. The increasing number and variety of games to have the mechanic integrated continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down.

At Ireland, you’ll find a great selection of Playtech Cash Collect slot games in the casino lobby. Before you discover your new favourite, let us take you through this feature in more detail and explain how it typically works from game to game.

Cash Collect Slot Games Key Features

Although each online slot is unique, Ireland slots with Cash Collect feature share certain characteristics, such as:

  • RTP: With slight variations, the RTP or Return to Player of the machines in this collection averages around 95.7% of the total amount wagered.
  • Game provider: The main provider in this category is Playtech, which released a wide variety of Cash Collect games in 2022. They all share high-quality graphics and a very similar gaming experience.
  • Game themes: The themes of these slots are diverse, ranging from branded titles based on TV shows to those inspired by the Far East or various classical mythologies.
  • Multipliers: Generally, multipliers are not abundant in these machines; they only appear in some and are part of the bonus rounds.
  • Minimum bet: The minimum bet amount is usually standard for all games in this category, starting at just €0.10.
  • Maximum bet: In the case of the maximum bet, there is a bit more variety, ranging from €30 in most machines to €50 in Gold Rush, or €80 in Sahara Riches in its non-Megaways version. You can confirm the maximum bets on each of the chosen machines.

What the Experts Say

Yehonatan Tishler, Senior Game Producer creator of the Cash Collect game suite at Playtech, had this to say about this exciting innovation:

Quotation marks

Most game producers and designers are also game players at heart, and from my first game of Cash Collect™, I knew players would love it as much as I did. There’s a great range of Cash Collect™ games for players to choose from, and they’ve all got their own distinctive theme and special twist, but the central mechanic is what’s really engaging – the sense of anticipation when you’re waiting for the Collect symbol to land on the final reel.

How to Play Slots with Cash Collect Feature

Playing these slot machines is not much different from trying your luck on any other conventional slot. They are available to play in desktop and mobile browsers as well as on our iOS and Android apps. Here are the steps you need to follow to get started:

  1. Log into your IE gaming account using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the Casino section of the site where you will find all slot games. You can then either filter to Playtech games or type ‘Cash Collect’ in the search bar to find all Cash Collect titles a little quicker.
  3. Decide whether you want to play with real money or in demo mode with fictitious funds.
  4. Set the desired bet level by selecting from the different options available on the machine.
  5. Activate the game by pressing the corresponding button. If the autoplay feature is available and you want to play it, simply click this button and choose the number of spins you wish to play through automatically.
  6. If you trigger a free spin bonus, simply click on the corresponding arrow to play. If you hit a jackpot, the draw screen will open to reveal your prize.

That’s the basics of getting started in these games out the way. Let’s now take you through some basics of how to play.

The Cash Collect feature has its own triggering symbol on the game reels which looks the same in each Playtech slot that includes the mechanic. The position where it can appear what rewards follow differ between games but it typically offers a selection of the following when it appears at the same time as a relevant prize symbol:

  • Instant accumulative cash wins.
  • Free Spins.
  • Fixed jackpot prizes – categorised as Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini.

Click on the ‘I’ icon after loading the game of your choice to see the rules and paytables and to understand the conditions in which this lucrative symbol can reward you a big prize, as they tend to vary from game to game.

Available Cash Collect Games

To give you a clear idea of which titles we're talking about, and some inspiration for your next one to try in our casino, we have summarised some of the best Cash Collects slots we offer in the table below:

Cash Collect: Atlantis96.25%Atlantis, Fantasy


Cash Collect: Gold Rush95.65%TV Reality Show


Cash Collect: Gold Rush Scratch95.00%TV Reality Show


Cash Collect: Leprechaun’s Luck95.38%Leprechaun, Irish


Cash Collect: Sahara Riches95.67%Sahara


Cash Collect: Sahara Riches Megaways93.47%Sahara
Cash Collect: Silver Bullet Bandit


95.44%Wild West
Cash Collect The Walking Dead


93.39%TV Series, Zombies
Cash Collect: Witches


95.67%Witches, Horror
Cash Collect: Yu Tu Jin Cai


Football! Cash Collect


94.91%Football, Sports
Fire 4 Cash Collect Quattro


93.07%Dragons, Fantasy

Cash Collect: Atlantis  

Take a journey deep down to the depths of ancient Greek mythology and discover what riches may be hiding in the famous lost island of Atlantis. This game is played on a typical-looking 5x3 reel set with a maximum possible win of 1,000x from a solitary spin.

The Cash Collect symbol lands on the fifth reel in the main game. If it lands at the same time as any shiny gold coins, the values of those coins will be totalled up and awarded to you as a cash win – hence the name ‘Cash Collect’!

Landing three or four of those gold coin symbols will also activate a free spins round where you can build up a pot. The pot can be won or reset an unlimited number of times during the free spins, determined by either a ‘Reset’ or ‘End’ symbol randomly dropping on the reels. Additional free spins can also be added throughout the round with no limit.

Finally, the 4 fixed jackpots can be won by landing a diamond symbol at the same time as the Cash Collect symbol. This will take you to the Jackpot Wheel for one-off spin that will determine which jackpot prize will be yours.

Cash Collect: Gold Rush  

Transport yourself to a gold mine filled with valuable treasures and the setting of the popular American TV series. The main game’s higher-paying symbols feature characters from the show, while four different bonus features also await as you spin through the reels.

The Cash Collect mechanic is naturally the standout feature of the game. When these symbols land on reel 5, players have the chance to collect cash prizes, a jackpot prize, or free spins, depending on what other symbols land with it.

The nudge feature gives players a chance to nudge those valuable symbols into a winning position, much like a classic slot machine.

The Free Spins round is activated when three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels. During this round, multiple Cash Collect symbols can land on any reel, offering the chance to pick up some huge wins. Free Spins can also be retriggered an unlimited amount of times during the round.

The Gold Nugget Bonus allows you to pick one random nugget on-screen to reveal an instant cash prize.

The Pay Dirt feature is another random mechanic where an excavator will drop random symbols onto the reels to potentially trigger any of the game’s big winning combinations or bonus features.

Cash Collect: Gold Rush Scratch  

Playtech’s Cash Collect series has ventured into scratch card format as well with this variation of the slot machine inspired by the Gold Rush TV show.

The format for scratch cards looks markedly different to the slots, with two 3x5 grids and one 2x3 grid. Rather than spinning reels revealing your combinations, the squares in each grid scratch off to uncover the familiar game symbols underneath.

The ‘Buy Card’ button essentially acts as the bet amount button and ‘Quick Reveal’ acts like a ‘spin’ but with all squares scratched off to reveal the results. Each grid comes with its own rules on how a winning combo is determined.

Three Collect Symbols appearing anywhere in a single round will trigger the Cash Collect Bonus where the screen changes to a single 3x5 grid where cash prizes can land and be added to a pot for the end of the round. Cash Collect symbols can land at the same time as the cash prizes to ensure you collect those particular cash wins twice.

Cash Collect: Leprechaun's Luck  

With all those shiny gold coin symbols gracing the reels, it only made sense for Playtech’s Cash Collect series to produce its own Irish-themed edition.

Money wins and Free Spins rounds are collected when the Cash Collect symbol lands on reel 5 in the main game at the same time as the special symbols appearing elsewhere in view.

In the Free Spins, Cash Collect symbols also appear on reel 5 but then walk from right to left along the reels with each spin for a predetermined number of spins. This innovative twist to the mechanic can result in more consistent winning spins due to their continued presence in view while you wait and see if those money symbols can drop.

Cash Collect: Sahara Riches

This Saharan adventure across the desert is one of the original Cash Collect games and still a big favourite among fans of the Playtech series. The simplistic animation is set against a typical desert-style backdrop with various cultural relics representing the pay symbols.

The maximum payout in this game is 500x, not as high as some of the other Cash Collect games but the medium volatility offers a satisfying experience to players with fairly regular payouts compared to some other variations.

The Cash Collect symbol sticks on the reels for 3 spins during the Free Spins round, giving the players the chance to enjoy some frequent success throughout the round and plenty of excitement.

Cash Collect: Sahara Riches Megaways 

Play Cash Collect: Sahara Riches Megaways and enjoy two exciting mechanics in one slot! Megaways slots offer 86,436 ways to win on a reel set of 6 reels plus an extra row of 4 symbols at the top of the display. The game and its symbols look very much the same as the original version of the Arabian slot.

This slot is a higher volatility game, but the cascading Megaways reels give you a chance to land consecutive wins when winning combinations land and then disappear to allow more symbols to fall and potentially add further wins to the same spin. This includes a chance to see those Cash Collect symbols drop during a cascade to combine the two mechanics in the most satisfying and rewarding way!

Cash Collect: Silver Bullet Bandit  

The Wild West is the beautiful scene of this slick-looking and highly volatile slot. The paying symbols depict everything we associate with cowboy culture, with whisky barrels, bottles, cigars, gold bags of loot, and sheriff badges serving up the higher-value base game payouts.

The nudge action will become available at random on reel 5 to offer a classic slot machine feature and possibility to push one of the lucrative Cash Collect symbols into view.

In the free spins round, multiple Cash Collect symbols can land at once anywhere on the reel set. A spinning bullet chamber will also decide how many spins these symbols will freeze on the reels for. With the maximum number of spins for which the Cash Collect symbol can remain sticky being ten, there are multiple opportunities to pick up huge cash wins and retrigger more free spins during this highly engaging bonus round.

Cash Collect: The Walking Dead

Another TV series-inspired and very successful slot from Playtech that has been adapted with the Cash Collect mechanic. The main difference to note with this game compared to other Cash Collect games is presence of three types of Cash Collect symbol: Blue, Red, and Green in their colour.

Landing any of the Cash Collect symbols will help you pick up the same coin prizes and jackpots in the typical way. When it comes to free spins, there are three different free spins bonus rounds and so the colour of the Cash Collect symbol determines which round you’ll play.

Blue gets you into the Safe Zone Free Games, where Cash Collect symbols will stay in place on the reels for 3 consecutive spins. The Commonwealth Free Games are triggered by the green symbol. In this game, Cash Collect symbols move one position from right to left after they land. The Danger Zone Free Games are triggered by the red Cash Collect symbol. When they land during the game, they’ll move one position down their reel with each spin.

Cash Collect: Witches

This spooky edition is mainly just a reskin of many other Cash Collect slots from Playtech but worth a look if you’re a fan of Halloween slots or anything horror-related.

The animation in Witches has plenty of quirks, with the coin symbols adapted to look like golden spider’s webs. The backdrop to the game is also quite impressive, set in an enchanted forest complete with a grinning haunted-looking tree, house, black cat, witches’ cauldron; pretty much everything you would expect.

The main thing to note is in the free spins round, the Cash Collect symbols that land will lock in place for 3 spins, much like in several other versions we have covered in this article.

Cash Collect: Yu Tu Jin Cai

Next up, we tick off yet another renowned slot machine theme with this Playtech Cash Collect series. Yu Tu Jin Cai is built with a traditional oriental feel to it with the pay symbols depicted by something related to Chinese culture and fortune spinning against a background of Asian mountains and lanterns.

A yin-yang symbol replaces the usual diamond as the jackpot symbol in this game but the fixed jackpots work in exactly the same way. The Grand jackpot is worth 500x which is the standard for most Cash Collect slots.

During the free spins, the Cash Collect symbol will remain on the reels and move one space left with each additional spin until it exits the reel set.

Football! Cash Collect  

A packed-out stadium of screaming fans, flashing cameras and floodlights, and a sea of ticker tape is the setting for Football and yet another Cash Collect reskin. The adapted symbols and animation should be enough to charm sports fans here. We like the golden football symbols that represent the cash wins, and the scoreboard-style free spins counter in the free spins bonus round.

Football doesn’t offer a great deal else that we haven’t already covered. In the free spins round, any Cash Collect symbols that land on the reels will also display a small number. This number represents how many spins they will remain on the reels for. They will then walk from right to left across the reels for their predetermined number of spins or until they exit the reels.

Fire 4 Cash Collect Quattro 

How would you like to play four Cash Collect slots in one? This unique variation really turns up the heat with its four reels sets all spinning simultaneously! This fantasy slot has an exciting, chaotic theme to match the gameplay with fire-breathing dragons and bubbling lava in the backdrop.

The familiar blue Cash Collect symbol appears on the 5th reel in all four grids in the base game and works in the usual way within its individual grid. An additional red All Collect symbol is where this game really gets exciting. If this lands on the 5th reel in the 4th grid, it will collect every prize across all four grids, which has the potential to be huge! In fact, Playtech haven’t revealed officially what the maximum win is from this game. Perhaps they cannot work it out!

In the free spins, the All Collect symbol can appear on any reel in any grid and remains in view, moving one space down with each further spin, allowing once again for some incredible potential wins and free spin retriggers.

Cash Collect Bonuses and Promotions

To make the most of these Cash Collect online slot machines, don't forget about the bonuses and promotions we offer at Ireland.

Exclusive bonuses for Ireland players

The Ireland Welcome Package of 100% extra up to €400 plus 200 Free Spins with your first deposit after sign-up is the ideal reward to try our Playtech Cash Collect slots with. Not only can you use your extra bonus money from your deposit on these games, the 200 Free Spins are exclusively available to use on Cash Collect slots only!

Separate to the welcome Package, within the available promotions for Ireland players, you will find regular deposit bonuses and other specific promotions that we send to your email. You just need to be registered for 15 days and have your account verified by providing the necessary verification documents.

In-Game Bonuses

In addition to promotions, Cash Collect slots include additional features such as free spin bonus rounds, jackpot draws, and Cash Collect itself, which offer some potential huge cash wins to players and of course an extra dose of fun!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Cash Collect game is the best?

    Since it all depends on the player's preferences, there is no specific game that we can highlight. We recommend that you try and evaluate the different options and make your own choice on which is your favourite.

  2. Which Cash Collect slot has the highest RTP?

    According to the available data, the RTP of these machines is very similar, averaging around 95.6% in most cases. Perhaps the most notable is Atlantis Cash Collect, capable of offering a 96.25% RTP. You can check the RTP directly on the Ireland website.

  3. Can I try Cash Collect slots in demo mode?

    Cash Collect games on Ireland are only available to play with real money. We always recommend that you familiarise yourself with the game rules and pay tables available in-game before you start placing your real-money bets.

  4. Which Cash Collect slot machines have jackpots?

    All the slot machines with Cash Collect feature that we mentioned include the jackpot drawing functions, with variable amounts for the mini, minor, major, and grand jackpots, depending on the configuration of each title. You can check the precise data in the machine's paytable.

Play our slots with Cash Collect now

The slots that offer the Cash Collect feature are an attractive proposition to try your luck, thanks to the quality of their designs, high payout levels, and especially the wide variety of game themes on offer. In addition to the base game, you will also have the Cash Collect feature, free spins bonuses, and jackpots. These details add an extra level of fun and excitement to the game.

All of this is accessible from as little as 0.10 euros per bet, so it won't cost you too much to try your luck and maybe win some interesting real-money prizes while playing at IE.