Play Premium French Roulette at Ireland

Premium French Roulette is the finest class of casino online roulette available to exclusive players. The thrill of watching the wheel spin is not the only reason enthusiasts enjoy playing.
Since its creation many, many years ago, very little has changed including the classic single zero. The benefit of the single zero is a serious incentive to passionate players. The single zero alone will only be found on French Roulette. American Roulette wheels not only contain a single zero space they also have a double zero space. The one additional space changes the odds and the payouts so dramatically that enthusiasts will most often prefer to play the single zero classic game.

Premium French Roulette at Ireland

Perhaps the most important reason to play Premium French Roulette is La Partage. What is La Partage? Here is a good explanation. La Partage, is the rule which states that when a player places an even-money bet and the ball lands on the zero space, which favors the house, the player loses only half of his bet. This can be a real bonus for avid players. For instance, on a bet of €10 when the ball lands on zero the La Partage rule kicks in and the house collects €5 and the other €5 is returned to the player.

Understanding which table to play online roulette has a primary importance and afterwards using a proven betting system to help develop your best play is equally as crucial to a successful experience. The street bet, also known as the transversal pleine in French, is a preferred bet among many. It is a three number bet with a payout of 11:1. Each table offers twelve street bet options and marking your bet at the end of the row off three you have signaled that you are placing a street bet on the entire row.

The Most Exclusive Premium French Roulette Online

With all online casino games, including Premium French Roulette, the payouts vary according to the wager and the types of bets placed. Ranging from a payout of 1:1 on simple bets such as red/black or even/odd, 2:1 on column bets, 8:1 on corner bets, and as high as 35:1 on straight up bets. A complete list of bets and odds is always available to every player.

It always pays to stick with the classics. Using contemporary knowledge and technology can make a good thing even better. And with the luxury advancements of modern playing systems nothing pays better than Premium French Roulette.