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If you’re looking for premium online table games that offer a unique format and rules, multiple betting opportunities for lots of winning potential, and easy to learn rules that get you to the heart of the action right away, take a peek at our Red Dog games at Canada. Played with a standard 52-card pack using basic poker hand hierarchy for hand ranking, Red Dog is an exciting and challenging online casino game for all kinds of player. Available in free games or real money games, on flash or download software, it’s easy to navigate the games table and play to win. And for all real money online casino games players, there’s a bankroll boosting Welcome Bonus up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) waiting to be claimed.

How to Play Red Dog

When you play Red Dog online with us, you are playing a three-card game against the dealer, with the outcome based on spreads. The spread is the number of digits between the two cards initially dealt – e.g. 3 and 7 have a spread of 3, whereas 3 and 5 have a spread of 1. You start by placing an ante bet of between 1 and 100 credits; click on the chips on your screen to state how much you wish to bet. When you are ready, hit Deal. You will receive two cards and the game will begin. If the cards you receive are successive – e.g. 4 and 5, or 8 and 9 – then this is a draw or a ‘push’ and you receive your stake back. If your two cards are of a matching rank at this initial stage, a third card will be dealt. If this third card is also the same rank, you have won and you will receive an immediate payout of 11:1 to your bankroll. Alternatively, if you want to play and have not hit any of these above scenarios, the betting begins. Your role is to bet on whether the next card dealt by the dealer will be in between the two cards you have been dealt – if so you win!

Red Dog Payouts

Your Red Dog table game payouts are also based on spreads, just like the game’s results. The higher the spread, the higher the chance you have of hitting a card that is between the two cards. The payouts for hands that are easier to hit award a lower payout, while hands that are more difficult to hit award a higher payout. For example, if the spread is just one card, a win pays out at 5:1 but with spreads of four cards or more, the payout is even money.