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Progressive Baccarat is one of our most popular online table games as it boasts easy rules, great winning opportunities and a massive progressive jackpot up for grabs. Available around the clock, on flash and download software, Progressive Baccarat suits all kinds of player. To play Baccarat for real money, simply register an online casino account with us, make an initial deposit to fund your bankroll, and then hit the tables. As well as a premium progressive Baccarat experience, you can claim your exclusive Welcome Bonus of up to $400 (plus 200 free spins).

Progressive Baccarat Betting System

The name Baccarat refers to the points value of the face cards; all face cards and tens are worth zero points and your overall aim is to make a hand as close to nine points as possible by adding up the values of your cards. For example, if your hand is King/8, then your hand is worth 8 points. If your hand is 10/2, then your hand is worth 2 points. If your hand adds up to double figures, for example with 8/3, then you drop the ten and your hand total is actually the end digit: in this case, your hand is worth 2 points. Two face cards will count as a score of zero. You automatically win when you get an 8 or 9 in your initial hand. When you trigger the progressive, the amount won is the amount showing at the time of the win; progressives have no upper limit so they offer some of the richest payouts available online.

How to Play Progressive Baccarat

The rules of Progressive Baccarat are easy to learn and a little bit different to other online casino games, so you’ll enjoy lots of entertainment as you hit the tables. Rather than betting on your hand, you are betting on the outcome of the overall game – so you can lose your hand but actually win a payout! You cannot go bust in progressive Baccarat, and the game is played on two levels for extra fun. Firstly, you try to get the best hand – which means a hand closest to nine points in value that also beats the dealer – but secondly, you bet on the overall outcome. Start by setting your coin value for our bet, and then place your bet on the Banker or the Player to win, or on a Tie. Once you’ve placed your bet, hit Deal and you and the banker will each receive two face-up cards. The amounts that each hand is worth will be announced, along with the outcome of the game, and all winnings automatically paid.