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If you like playing online card games that offer lots of winning potential and plenty of fun, take a look at our 3 Card Brag games at Canada today. Played heads-up against the dealer, expect lots of action and multiple betting options on every round as you play with three cards for big payouts. You can play free games in Practice mode or for real money with actual cash payouts. In addition, you can claim a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) online casino Welcome Bonus when you decide to play our real money games such as 3 Card Brag; simply open an account with us, make a deposit and play real money online casino games to claim your extra bankroll funds.

How to Play 3 Card Brag Special Features

Choose your chip from the selection at the bottom of the screen and place your bets; you will need to pay an ante but you can also go for the Pair Bonus bet circle option. Hit Deal when you’re happy with your bets – you can see your full bet amount in the Total Stake box on your screen – and both you and the dealer will receive three cards. Once you have assessed your cards, you can choose to play or fold. If you choose to play, an amount equal to your ante will automatically be placed on the Play area, and deducted from your bankroll. If you make a Pair Bonus bet and your hand contains a pair, you must play the regular game also to be eligible to win a prize. Once you choose to Play, the dealer’s hand will be revealed and the winner will be displayed.

3 Card Brag Winnings & Payouts

To be able to play, the Dealer needs to qualify with a hand including at least one Queen or better; otherwise, you win automatically. You win on the Ante bet and have your Play bet returned. If the Dealer qualifies, your hand is compared with the Dealer's and the winning hand is the best hand based on standard poker hand hierarchy. To see how much you can win, check out the payout table on your screen. In the event of the dealer qualifying and your hands tying, this is known as a push and you get your stake returned. The highest three of a kind hand you can make is made up of 3,3,3, otherwise known as a ‘prial’. You can win the Pairs Bonus even if you lose the regular game.


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