Play Joker Poker Video Poker Online at South Africa

The main difference between Joker Poker video poker online and other poker games is the addition of the Joker card to the standard 52-card playing deck. This single card completely changes the nature of the online game, filling the screen with more colour, more chances for high payouts, and more fun!

Joker Poker vs. Other Video Poker Casino Games at

Joker Poker is very similar to other videopoker slots games, including Aces and Faces and Deuces Wild. These online casino games all have the same basic rules and a shared history. The main difference, as mentioned above, is the addition of the Joker card. Because this extra card increases your chances of getting a winning hand (it can stand in for any other card), there are some other differences in the payout schedule to balance out this advantage. The most notable of these changes is that the only single pair winning hand is a pair of Aces. A pair of Kings or anything lower will not pay out anything.

How to Go Double or Nothing and Win EVEN MORE!

You’ve won your first big hand of online poker. Now what? Well you’ve got two options. You could either move right along and start your next round of online Joker Poker videopoker, or you could opt into a special pre-win bonus round where you could win up to double your earnings! In this special doubling round, you can choose to wager double or half double the money won from your last hand. To play you’ll choose a face down card from those presented to you, and if that selected card is higher than the dealer’s face up card, then you’ll win! You can continue going double (or half double) or nothing until a) you lose or b) you decide to collect on your winnings and return to the regular game.

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