Play 50 Line Joker Poker Video Poker Online at South Africa

What’s better than playing a single line of Joker Poker Video Poker? Playing 50 lines all at once! This exciting version of your favourite game magnifies the suspense and the payouts of traditional 5 card online poker by allowing you to play 50 poker hands in a single round!

The 50-Line Joker Poker Advantage

Instead of basing all your luck on a single hand, you’ll have an additional 49 hands per round to try and hit a winning poker hand. The poker board, which works similarly to a slot machine, contains 5 card slots at the bottom of the screen and 49 rows of 5 card hands above it. To begin playing, you’ll place your bet and then click on deal. 5 cards will appear on the bottom line. Then you’ll choose which cards you’d like to “hold”. Those cards will become the held cards in each of your 50 hands. Then when you click on the deal button again, 50 individual decks will deal out the remaining slots in each of your 50 hands.

Each deck is a full 52 card deck with a Joker added to each one. The Joker serves as a wild card that can stand in for any single number.

Each of your 50 poker hands is evaluated on its own, offering you 50 unique opportunities to win big!

The Rules of Video Poker and History of Video Poker pages can provide you with more information and tips on How to Play 50-Line Joker Poker and other online poker variations.

The Bonus Round

50-Line Joker Poker also offers a fun way to double (or half double) your earnings. After a winning hand (regardless of how much is won), you can opt to play a doubling bonus game choosing a card from the face down cards presented to you. If that card is of a higher number value than the dealer’s card, then you’ll win! If, however, the card is lower, then you’ll lose whatever you had earned during your previous Joker Poker online video poker round.

Other videopoker games with the doubling bonus include Deuces Wild and 25-Line Aces and Faces.

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