Play 10's or Better Video Poker Online at South Africa

Boost your online poker fun factor when you play our online casino’s exciting online video poker game, 10’s or Better. This game offers a unique twist to the classic poker or slots game by disallowing any single pair made up of cards 2-9. For a single pair to be considered valid, it needs to be either a pair of Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces.

What Sets 10’s or Better Apart from Other Videopoker Games?

10’s or Better most closely resembles Aces & Faces. The major difference here is that pairs of 10’s are considered winning hands and not just pairs of Jacks through Aces, There are slight payout differences due to this change. You can read about How to Play Videopoker, rules of playing videopoker and the history of videopoker on our site as well.

How to Play Online 10’s or Better Video Poker

First place your bet by choosing your coin value and the number of coins you wish to wager. Then click on the Deal icon. Once you receive your 5 cards, you’ll choose which cards you’d like to keep (use the Hold buttons under each card). Then you’ll deal again and receive new cards in the slots whose cards have been discarded. The computer will then determine if you have a winning hand.

You’ll then have the option of playing the 10’s or Better Bonus Round. You can opt in or out of this side game as you please. To play you’ll pick one of the presented face down cards to reveal your card. If your card is higher than that of the dealer, then you can win up to double the amount you had won during your last poker hand! (Other video poker games offer the same fun bonus, including 2 Ways Royal.

Play 10’s or Better online at Casino Online South Africa now! Download your free online casino games software in seconds!