Play Wild Games Slots Online at South Africa

Wild Games is the animal kingdom’s answer to the Olympics. With entertaining bonus features, this online slot machine is full of fun competition and prizes, which our animal friends want to help us win.

The symbols in this, five reel, 25 payline, video slots game include animals, Olympic medals, sports and the traditional nine through Ace. The rules are much like any of the other similar slot machines yet in this one, a cheetah, bulldog and hippo are the animals that will help activate the various bonus features throughout Wild Games.

Tons Of Great Bonuses In Wild Games

The 100m Dash Bonus is activated by the cheetah, and you will choose a cheetah to run the sprint for you. If your chosen cheetah is the winner, you can win up to eight free spins. The medals distributed also come with bonuses, but you will have to play to find out.

The hippo will activate the Balance Beam Bonus, and similar to the 100m Dash, you will need to choose one of three hippos to complete the routine. If your hippo is up to the challenge you can win free spins, but this time, depending on how well she performs, you can also win multipliers. You can even win eight free spins with a 10x multiplier!

The Freestyle Swim Bonus, featuring the bulldog, offers great prizes. When you choose a bulldog to compete, you will also receive a gold, silver or bronze medal. And in this exciting online casino games feature you can win up to 200 free spins.

Play The Wild Games, The Greatest Olympics In History

An Olympic competition like this one will surely go down in history. With a team like ours how could we possibly lose?

Here, at the best casino online that South Africa has to offer, you can enjoy Wild Games in free play mode for a chance to learn before making any commitments. Play now and let the competitions begin!