Play What's Cooking Slots Online at South Africa

Food, glorious food! As a central topic on everyone’s mind on a daily basis, why not make it the central topic of your gaming experience, as well? With a comedic twist, What’s Cooking makes for a greatly entertaining experience to win money and enjoy some online entertainment at the same time.

The clumsy Chef who appears in the opening sequence of the game, is also your scatter symbol throughout, along with the bonus cookbook and other wild symbols.

What’s Cooking At in ZAR

This 5 reel, 30 payline, game offers the option to play casino slots online free of charge, with no obligation, before you are ready for the full money mode. Once you’ve learned all the ins and outs, though, get ready to put your money where your mouth is and start betting! And if your mind can’t get off of What’s Cooking, make sure to have a snack ready for those mouthwatering moments when you’re waiting to find out how much you’ve won!

While spinning the reel, aside from the usual winning bets, there are additional winning features on What’s Cooking. There’s a bonus game that can be triggered by spinning a cookbook symbol on both the first and last reels and subsequently, the multipliers and free spins are based on the types of meat and sauce chosen.

What’s Cooking Features

Aside from everything we’ve already mentioned, What’s Cooking, one of the best slot games at our online casino South Africa, is known as a great option for all online casino games players. Whether you’re hesitant about betting, and don’t want to put down more than a penny at a time or a high roller, betting 600 hundred dollars at once by using the “Bet Max” button, there is something for everybody. Once you’ve reviewed the details, and decided on a strategy, grab your snack, grab your mouse and start spinning those reels!