Play Triple Profits Slots Online at South Africa

When you combine everyone’s two favorite casino games online, video poker and slot machines, you get Triple Profits. This slots game has seriously high jackpots with nine reels and three paylines.

The theme here is money, which is great because that’s what we are playing for, anyway. And the symbols you are playing with are all about getting rich; gold bars, bags of money, weights, scales, dollar signs, a safe and stacks of cash.

Play Multi Spin Triple Profits

Triple Profits is a multi-spin game, which means that the first spin will display symbols across the bottom row. You can choose if you want to save any or discard them, similar to video poker, and then spin again, thus, providing you the opportunity to increase your chance of a winning combination. And, since there are three paylines on this cash oriented slot machine, you have three chances to hit it big.

The wild symbol here is the gold bar. This is the symbol you want to see since a wild symbol can fill in for any other symbol across the rows. And even better, if you get three gold bars in a row, you win the jackpot!

Bags Of Money Are Waiting In Triple Profits

Another important symbol to look for is the stack of cash. Three stacks of cash across a payline will transport you to a bonus level, where you get to pick three bags of money for players who bet the maximum, or two bags of money for those who did not. Anyway, who doesn’t want to pick up bags of money? And perhaps there will be a real cash prize behind those money bags waiting for you.

Triple Profits, like most free online slots, really sticks to its theme. This game is all about money, so remember that when you wager the maximum bet you increase you chance of winning the full jackpot.

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