Play Tres Amigos Slots Online at South Africa

Uno, dos, tres, quatro – wait, no, backtrack. How many guys are we talking about here? Oh, right, three, that’s right, I mean tres, Tres Amigos! The charming Amigos and enjoyable Mexican music in the background, make this game a fun, new version of an old classic slots game.

How To Play Tres Amigos

The Tres Amigos have a corresponding number of reels (yes, three) and one payline which makes it similar to the old style, Vegas slot machines people have been enjoying for years. At our casino online, we offer a vast selection of online slots games, all of which give you the chance to win, and win big!

The different symbols here are margarita, acoustic guitar, maracas, cactus, amigo, taco and chili peppers. Anything you would want to experience on a relaxing vacation, or by chance, that you would come across in Mexico while visiting the Tres Amigos. There are nine winning symbol combinations in total, ranging from 100 coins for three taco symbols on the lowest bet, to 2,500 coins for three amigos on the max bet.

Tres Amigos At South Africa

Many people will go for the fancier, flashier online casino games as they enjoy the show, more than the gamble. For the serious gamblers among us, just looking for a straightforward, but still, enjoyable, way to spin and win, Tres Amigos is the game for you. Whether it’s playing for fun to keep yourself in practice without risking any money or setting up your real money account and placing cash bets, this game will keep you on your toes. Ola Amigos, come join us in Mexico (or at least you can pretend you’re here from the comfort of your own home) for a chance to win!