Play Little Britain Slots Online at South Africa

With majestic music playing in the background and an authentic English voice giving some narrative, you can’t help but feel as if you’re strolling along Oxford road or walking passed the gates of Buckingham Palace. Those comic, distinctly familiar English faces as symbols on the reels definitely add to the feeling of being in Little Britain and this is one of those slots casino games that will appeal to you whether you watched the show or not. With 30 payline combinations I strongly recommend heading over to the info screen and familiarising yourself with the ins and outs of this classic English version.

Little Britain Info

The info screen is very organised, well presented, and has lots of useful information that you’ll need to understand how you’ll win big. Click on each of the boxes at the top of the screen to access the Payouts, the Little Britain bonus, Bonus rounds, complimentary spins, Anne bonus, Paylines and finally, Cheat mode - which is a classic example of dry English humour. “Computer says no!” (Did you really think that we’d let anyone cheat?) Very entertaining, I must say old chap. Very entertaining indeed. The Anne Bonus is a fantastic concept and adds an interesting flavour to this version. At any given time on any given spin, Anne can suddenly appear on the screen and throw objects at the symbols, instantly turning them into wild cards. It’s most definitely worthwhile to try the online slots free play and see whether you can be lucky enough to have Anne appear on the screen.

Interesting Features On Little Britain

This version is packed with original features, one being the 5 second sketches that pop up once a winning combination is spun. Each character has his turn at a sketch if he is part of the winning combo. The wild card LB (Little Britain) symbol is the source of 10 complimentary rounds when appearing on reels 2, 4 and 5. The Vicky Pollards ASBO bonus rounds feature is also entertaining and the chance of winning 750x the bet will have you playing for hours on end trying to make it happen. All in all this theme adds to our extensive range of slot machines at our online casino in South Africa and proves that we have something for everyone and cater to all your desires!