Play Fruitmania Slots Online at South Africa

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but with all the fruit available and money to be earned at this casino online, you could buy your own doctor and keep them on standby, whether you need them or not! Fruit Mania offers you the chance to play a simple, yet fun version of an online slots machine for a chance to win some easy money.

How To Play Fruit Mania

How do you meet your recommended servings of fruits per day? Easy! Just step up to Fruit Mania, this five reel, five payline game, where you can just place your bet and start spinning. Strawberries and lemons are a nice treat, as they can net you 200 coins apiece when falling on the reels. Next in line are grapes and green apples, which can grant you a win of up to 500 coins, while the sweetest success of all can be found with the cherries. Get five cherries on any payline and win 5,000 coins but, get this, end up with five cherries on the fifth payline and you become the “Cherry Master”, winning the huge progressive jackpot payout, available with all progressive slots!

Enjoy Fruit Mania

See all our slots online casino games at South Africa, like Fruit Mania, where you have the option to play for fun, and enjoy any of our free video slots, without the risk of spending (or winning) any real money. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the game, you have the chance play the exciting reels with real cash, and experience the thrill and rush of letting fate direct where the fruits fall. The rules of the game are simple – Bet, spin, and win. So, grab your wallet and let’s get spinning!