Play Desert Treasure II Slots Online at South Africa

Imagine yourself in the Egyptian desert, surrounded by sand dunes, searching for amazing treasures, while trying to avoid the danger of cobras and scorpions. That’s the fun of Desert Treasure II, a free casino online slots game that gives you a rollicking adventure while gambling. With eye-catching graphics and impressive sound effects that are both noticeably superior to the original version, you are bound to stay riveted as you rack up the cash. It is an easy game for beginners, but with 20 paylines and five reels, it also has a big enough payout to make it worthwhile, when you are trying to win big.

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How To Play Desert Treasure II

Desert Treasure II is a great game where you can enjoy yourself without stressing out about lots of rules. A big part of the fun of this game is in the details and graphics that give it that unique desert experience. There are several fun new additions to this new version -- the bonus game is called oasis bonus and takes you on an adventurous trek from the oasis to a fruit market that can net you even more prizes. Some details worth mentioning are the princess symbols, as when you get three of them you get a round of three spins with a 3x multiplier.

Play Desert Treasure II At South Africa

If exploring a new landscape while playing casino slots sounds like a good time to you, Desert Treasure II is your game. You can try it for free until you get comfortable playing, and then in real money mode your winnings will go up from there. Try it at South Africa, your best choice for online casino in South Africa. We also offer a slew of other fun free slot online casino games that you will love!