Play Captain's Treasure Slots Online at South Africa

We have the top selection of online slots at South Africa, so let me give you an idea as to what you’re up against as you take on the role of a swashbuckling pirate searching for the Captains Treasure.

How To Play Captains Treasure

Captains Treasure is one of those online casino games versions where you have multi combination payouts- 9 paylines to be exact! You can also play the Dollar Ball jackpot and stand the chance to win big.

All you need to do is enable the side bet on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Definitely worthwhile as you only need to hit that jackpot once to walk away with an extremely large payout. There are 5 reels all in all so definitely no shortage of winning combinations there, me matey!

One of the great features of this version is that once you hit a winning combo, the items that are part of the combo get highlighted and give you an idea as to how you’ve won. If you then click on the “Pay table” button you’re directed to the various combinations which have paid you out. The winning combination flashes on the screen so even if you’re a pirate with an eye-patch and only one good eye you’re still able to identify the winning combo! By the way, try and spin to get 5 crossed swords. It’s the largest payout and should you manage to get the combo with either the Captain’s symbol, which is the wild symbol, or a few scatter symbols then you’ll have hit the motherload.

Special Symbols To Help You Find The Captains Treasure

If you’re familiar with themed casino slots games then you’ll know that there are wild symbols as well as scatter symbols. The wild symbol can substitute for all the others, including the Scatter symbol. Just as a refresher, the scatter symbol activates bonus multipliers, bonus rounds or money prizes as well as other exciting features- no matter where the symbol may be positioned on the screen. Hence the name “Scatter”! The fact that the wild substitutes for the scatter symbol as well, is in my opinion a top feature of this version. Ok, I hope you get the picture but there’s still one important bit of information that I haven’t yet told you. What is the scatter symbol? It’s the Captains Treasure chest of course. So best get your pirate boots on, come to our casino online in South Africa and get ready to swashbuckle. There’s riches to be found on this island, matey.