Play Winners Club Scratch Online at South Africa

Winners Club Scratch is a unique scratch card game from Playtech. The look and feel of the game is different to many other scratch card online casino games and this makes it instantly popular. Players can win some impressive payouts off these scratch cards and with different betting options available the game is suitable for players with all sizes of bankroll. Available at our online casino you can enjoy online scratch card games in a new and exciting way with Winners Club Scratch.

How the Game Works

When you start the game you will be confronted with an array of ten new scratch card tickets. One of these will move over to the right hand side of the screen to be used in play. You can either choose one of the cards yourself or the top card will play each time. Once a card has played, it will be removed from the batch. The batch of tickets will be depleted and once the last one is used, a new batch of ten tickets will take its place. There are four levels of tickets that can be played – Classic, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Each card is worth a different value and this represents your bet in the game. The Gold and Platinum cards are jackpot levels and you can play for a progressive jackpot when you play with these cards. Each card level plays on a uniquely coloured background with matching card colours. To win in the game you need to match three prize values. To win the progressive jackpot you must match three jackpot symbols on one ticket.

How to Play

To begin your game, choose your ticket level. All tickets will then change to that colour. You can then choose one of the cards in the batch or just play with the top card each time. Click Play for the card to move into place on the right side of the screen. You can then click on each square individually for the square to be scratched with a coin and a prize value revealed. Or, scratch all of them at once with the Scratch All option. You can also autoplay between 2 and 99 tickets consecutively all using the same ticket value. If three values match from the nine squares you uncover, you will win that value.

Winners Club Scratch offers a unique gaming experience. While it is one of the scratch card games at South Africa, its set-up and features, together with its progressive jackpot, make it a distinctive gaming option. You can play to win a huge progressive jackpot or just play for fun with smaller bets, still with the chance to win impressive amounts.