Play Roulette Scratch Online at South Africa

Roulette Scratch from Playtech combines two favourite casino games online – the table game of roulette and a scratch card game. For fans of roulette, this game will be appealing for its simplicity and potentially large wins, while offering the familiarity of the popular table game. The scratch card game is unique in its layout and gameplay as it does not feature a typical scratch card grid. The game offers a range of bet sizes to suit players with all sizes of bankroll.

Features of the Game

When you enter the game you will be faced with a large European roulette wheel. It will have 37 numbered slots – the numbers 1 through 36 and a single 0. On the right side of the screen will be the scratch card squares. The game does not feature a typical grid, but rather five cards which reveal five different game outcomes next to a potential payout amount. Players have the option to shuffle their card of five games up to three times before each game begins. This does not increase the randomness of the game, but it does offer the chance to randomly select a new card, giving you more control of the card that is played. There is also an autoplay feature that allows you to set the machine to play 2 – 99 games consecutively using the same bet.

Playing Roulette Scratch

Starting a game of Roulette Scratch requires you to set your card value. You can increase or decrease it using the + and – buttons. Each game has five cards giving you five separate chances to win. Start the game by pressing the Play button. The game cards and the roulette wheel will be covered with a shimmering silver layer. You must then reveal the numbers by either clicking on each area to uncover it one by one or by clicking on Scratch All. Scratch All will reveal the numbers and the roulette wheel all at once. The game squares will indicate a number from the roulette wheel and a prize amount. The roulette wheel will reveal the wheel with the little white ball sitting in one of the numbered slots. You will win if any of the numbers on one of the squares corresponds to the number that the ball is sitting on in the roulette wheel. You will win the random prize amount next to that number. You can win up to 100K playing this game.

Enjoy Roulette Scratch at online casinos by visiting the scratch card games suite of a Playtech casino such as South Africa. Roulette Scratch allows you to play scratch card games online with the chance to win big jackpots off small bets.