Play Classic Scratch Online at South Africa

Classic Slots Scratch, as the name suggests is a scratch card spin on a classic slots game. The game is set up to look like a classic slots game with three machines side by side. As with many classic slots online casino games, the symbols on the machine include bars, cherries, lemons, bells, grapes, watermelon, plums and sevens. The game offers simple rules and gameplay, with the chance to win big payouts off small bets, making it attractive for a wide audience of players. The game can be found in the scratch card games suite at a Playtech online casino.

How to Play the Game

The aim of Classic Slots Scratch is to line up three matching symbols in the centre of the slots machine, much as you would if you were playing an actual classic slots game. Begin by placing your bet, which you can adjust up or down based on the size of your bankroll. Then, click on Play. You can manually scratch each slot machine one by one to reveal the hidden symbols or you can click on Scratch All which will automatically reveal the three symbols on each of the machines. If you want, you are able to shuffle the symbols on the machines before a game. You can shuffle up to three times before each game. This does not change the random nature of the game, but some players enjoy mixing it up a little more. There is also an autoplay feature that allows you to set the machine to play any number of games between 1 and 99. These games will play consecutively, using the same bet. Any winnings will automatically be added to your bankroll before the next game continues. When using the autoplay feature, you cannot make use of the shuffle feature.

Winning Payouts

As the symbols on each machine are revealed, a random prize amount will be revealed below it. If you match up the three symbols on the machine, you will be awarded the prize amount that has appeared. You can win up to a maximum prize payout of 100,000 when you are betting with the maximum number of coins. It is possible to win on more than one slot machine in one game and the game automatically plays three machines at a time.

If you enjoy classic slots games, you will enjoy Classic Slots Scratch. It offers familiar graphics and gameplay with the chance to win great prizes. The classic graphics and upbeat sounds create a fun environment for this game option. Visit the online scratch card games suite at South Africa for your chance to scratch the reels and play for a winning combination.