Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Online at South Africa

Beetles Bingo Scratch is a bingo-type game available in the online scratch card games suite of South Africa. Beetles Bingo combines two favourite online casino games – bingo and scratch cards for a fun game that offers the chance to win impressive prizes off small bets. The game play is straightforward and the random nature of the game is appealing to a wide range of players. When playing the game you will be faced with four areas. The grid on the right holds 90 numbers and the numbers you are playing for will be highlighted on this grid. The middle section contains the scratch card which has three sections. On the left you will see a large jar full of swarming coloured beetles. Along the bottom of the screen, the released beetles, each which has a unique number on its back – will line up in a row.

How to Play

To begin Beetle Bingo Scratch you will need to place your bet which can be adjusted to suit your bankroll. Then, click on Play. Finally, click on the Shuffle button on the jar of beetles and it will shakeup a bit before the lid pops off and fifteen jittery beetles fill up the bottom section of the screen. If you’re squeamish about bugs and beetles, this may not be the best game for you! As each beetle lands, the corresponding number on the bingo grid on the right side of the screen will be highlighted so you can easily see which numbers you are aiming for. There are three scratch card sections, covered by leaves and these can be scratched one at a time to reveal the numbers beneath. The numbers that match will be circled.

If you prefer, you can click on Scratch All at the beginning of the game in which case all three scratch card sections will be revealed and then the beetle bottle will shake up and the beetles will be released. The numbers will be highlighted on the grid and circled on the scratch card almost simultaneously for faster game play.

How to Win

In order to win this online casino game, you will need to match up all five numbers on at least one of the scratch card sections. There are three separate sections, giving you extra chances to win. If you don’t succeed on your first scratch, try again and again and you may just find yourself taking home a prize.

Play Beetle Bingo Scratch by visiting the scratch card games suite at South Africa. If you have the stomach for a few creepy crawlies, you will find yourself in with a chance to turn those bugs into some great cash prizes.