Play 3 Clowns Scratch Online at South Africa

3 Clown Scratch is a fun and colourful online casino scratch card game with a circus theme. The game may bring back fond memories from your childhood of clowns and big tents, candyfloss and balloon men, magicians and jugglers. Bet sizes in the game range from 0.25 to 20.00, making the game suitable for all players, including those with small bankrolls. The graphics include the clown, a white rabbit being drawn from a top hat, a balloon dog, juggling batons and rings, a hoop of fire, an elephant on a ball, a unicycle and tickets to the show. The music offers a happy circus-type soundtrack, although it is not your typical circus music.

How to Play the Game

The aim of 3 Clowns Scratch is to line up three clown symbols, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Choose your bet before you begin playing. One of the advantages of playing scratch cards online is the ability to choose your own bet. This is not available with physical games where each board has a set value. You will then need to scratch the squares to reveal the symbols. You can do this manually, one square at a time or you can click on the Scratch All button which will automatically scratch all the squares and reveal the whole board at once. There is also an autoplay feature which allows you to set the game to play up to 50 cards automatically. This means you can even step away from the computer and it will continue to play for you in your absence.

Winning at 3 Clowns Scratch

You will win if you reveal three clowns in a row – horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You will be paid out according to the mystery prize at the top of the screen. As the last square is revealed, the random prize amount will also be revealed and if you have lined up three clowns, you will win that prize. Payouts will be awarded based on the size of your original bet. You can win a maximum payout of 200,000 when playing this game if you bet with the maximum bet.

Three clowns line up quite regularly in the game, offering many chances to win. You may be treated to the sound of a clown’s laugh if you win. The game is popular for its potentially large payouts on small bets. Players can enjoy a fun soundtrack, bright, crisp graphics and an entertaining-themed game with simple rules and straightforward game-play. It is one of the random online casino games that gives all players an equal chance at winning a payout – big or small. Play 3 Clowns Scratch at South Africa by visiting the online scratch card games suite.