Learn all about Mobile Blackjack today

For those of you who love gambling but just can’t make it to a brick and mortar establishment, or don’t have the time to sit in front of your computer for hours on end but can’t bear to miss out on the exciting thrills of the casino, Casino.com South Africa has the perfect solution with our new mobile casino. Some smartphone users might be concerned about compatibility and how the site will function on their device, but not to worry, aside from the care taken in the setup through the direct website, we also have the iPhone casino and Android casino which will make playing on those devices that much smoother.

How To Play Mobile Blackjack

The only difference between a regular blackjack table and Mobile Blackjack (aside from the hot, noisy crowds, of course) is that Mobile Blackjack can come along with you wherever you go. With a vast difference in betting options, the game is suitable for both low and high rollers and the rules are pretty standard. If you haven’t played before, though, we’re happy to review them with you.

You start by betting whatever amount you want on one to three hands, before the cards are even dealt, and if you don’t bet on a hand, it isn’t played. Then, the cards are dealt, two to each hand face up and the last card goes to the dealer, face down. Then, based on the cards dealt, you can see if you need insurance, decide to Double, Split, Stand or Hit making sure that you understand the terms of each action and that some of them require you place an additional bet. This is just very general info on the game, but if you really want to review the details, within each game in the mobile site you can click on the ‘i’ on the top, left hand side of the screen to read the full rules, betting options and any other important or relevant information.

Mobile Blackjack And More At Casino.com South Africa

Now that you’ve mastered Mobile Blackjack, it’s time to move on to other things. Go for the royal winning hand with video poker, spin for the winning combinations on the reels in our various mobile slots games and bet on the luck of the wheel in mobile roulette. All options available will let you keep playing and making money, wherever you may go.