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Live French Roulette, along with Live Dual Roulette and Live Exclusive Roulette, are just a few of the live casino games available in the portfolio of online casino South Africa.

Although based on the standard rules of the online version of the game, Live French Roulette is special as it gives players the chance to take part in the live gaming action from the comforts of home. The latest webcam and live video streaming technology makes this possible.

Moreover, playing Live French Roulette is an exciting way to learn some French although players do not have to know French to play it.

Introduction to Live French Roulette

The house edge of Live French Roulette is much lower than that of Online French Roulette because of a special feature called La Partage Rule, which allows you to get back half your original bet amount should the roulette ball come to rest on the zero.

The Live French Roulette game at South Africa allows you to switch between three-dimensional and classic views besides delivering opportunities galore to win, a wide range of betting options, a Help section, a rules section, and the game stats.

Live French Roulette Rules

Playing Live French Roulette is easy as it is based on standard roulette rules. Players just have to place a bet, selecting from a bunch of seven chips at the bottom of the screen and placing these chips on the area they wish to bet on. These could be single numbers, number ranges, red/black colors, and odd/even numbers. In fact, beginners can be easily overwhelmed by the huge number of betting options the game presents.

But the game has a user friendly interface, which makes it easy to understand and play even for beginners. If you want to know anything about a bet, just place your mouse pointer on it and all the numbers that the bet covers will be highlighted for you.

You can also customize your gaming experience by clicking on the game’s Options button. This allows you to adjust the sound volume, play the game in camera view or full-screen mode, turn on/off the chat feature, and so on.

Start Playing French Roulette for Real Money

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