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South African players looking for a unique online blackjack gaming experience must play an exciting variant called Blackjack Super 21. Though based on standard blackjack rules and requiring players to create a hand as close to point value 21 as possible without going bust, Blackjack Super 21 offers several other ways to hit payouts. In case of Classic Blackjack, players get back their bets in case of a tie, but in case of Blackjack Super 21, players get paid even in case of a tie.

Several Ways to Win

Blackjack players are always happy to get picture cards, tens, and aces, but Blackjack Super 21 players have a chance to rejoice even if they get low cards. If players create a hand of point value 21 with five or six cards, they will be paid even if the dealer gets blackjack. Moreover, in Blackjack Super 21, a blackjack created with five or six cards gets double payout.

Classic Blackjack can be frustrating to players because the dealer’s blackjack always wins even if players get blackjack. Blackjack Super 21 never frustrates players as their blackjack will always win even if the dealer gets blackjack.

Another exciting feature of Blackjack Super 21 is the Six Card Charlie. If players hold a hand of six cards of point value 20, they will win even money irrespective of the nature of the cards the dealer holds.

Payouts and Special Features of Blackjack Super 21

If players get an ace of diamonds along with a ten of diamonds and a face card of the same suit, they will receive a payout of 2:1. If players create a blackjack with cards of other suits, they will be paid even money. Players can also split hands up to four times and double their bets any time, which makes the variant very rewarding indeed.

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