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If you like playing online blackjack casino games that are full of excitement and action, then look no further – real money All Bets Blackjack is one of the most riveting blackjack online games you can play because all bets are allowed. This means everything from progressive jackpot side bets that continue to grow in size until claimed, to Buster Blackjack bets with a top payout of 2000x your stake and Top3 bets that pay out at 500x your stake. There are many bets you can place where the payouts are huge; and as you play all our online casino games at South Africa from the comfort of home, on your choice of download online blackjack software of flash games, you can opt to play whenever and however you prefer. There’s also an offer of up to $400 in Welcome Bonus money waiting when you sign up today.

Getting Started: All Bets Blackjack

Everything you need to play is shown on your screen on the virtual felt. State the number of hands you want to wager at the start (3 max), before setting your bet amount by clicking on the icons of chips. Use the Undo to delete an accidental chip or Clear Bets to start over; the game won’t start until you hit the Deal button. You also decide which side bets you wish to wager for each hand at the start of the game. Your cards are dealt when you request the game to start, and you play against the online blackjack dealer. Like all blackjack games, you must beat the dealer to win, with the best hand possible – but with All Bets Blackjack you have the added excitement of the side bets, some of which you can win, even if you lose the standard game.

Your All Bets Blackjack Progressive Jackpot

A favourite among online casino players because of the massive potential jackpot wins, this progressive online blackjack side bet on All Bets Blackjack gives you the chance to play for a giant payout. Watch the jackpot grow before your eyes, with every side bet counting towards the prize amount – win what shows when you hit the required card combination. The progressive will then return to its base amount and start growing again. The progressive win combination is four aces, all of the same suit. You will also win a fixed jackpot payout if you land four aces that do not bear the same suit.