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Everyone should visit a horse race at least once in their life, the spectacle, the excitement, there’s nothing quite like it. Check the form and track conditions, then place your bet and sit back and enjoy the show! It doesn’t have to be the Durban July or Ladies’ day at Ascot, but there’s a reason why Horseracing is considered the sport of kings. Now you can experience all the drama and fun whenever, and wherever you wish, you can visit our Online Casino anytime of the day or night, whatever the weather and we don’t even have a dress code. See for yourself the phenomenon of virtual sports and you will understand why it’s even better than the real thing.

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Horse racing is one of the world’s oldest and best-loved sports, it has existed virtually unchanged ever since its birth when man first tamed a wild horse. Different countries have different rules and variations, but the idea has always been the same, horses racing over a set distance and the first across the line is the winner! We have taken this most ancient of sports and brought it bang up to date with this ultra modern, high-tech version. Virtual Horses delivers very real fun and it’s incredibly simple and easy to play. If you are new to our casino you may be eligible for our $400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus that can be used on this and our other amazing Online casino games. So let’s saddle up and get started.

Virtual races for real thrills

Virtual Horses is a thrilling virtual sports title featured alongside our online arcade games. It distills all that makes a day at the races great into a vibrant virtual experience, even if the horses are virtual, the fun is very real! I’ll stop with the lame horse puns for a moment to explain the rules. Much like the real thing the aim of the game is to bet on the winner, or place specific horses in the order that they finish. In total there are 72 different bets you can make, you can bet on any of the 8 horses to win, or the placement on any of those horses or you can forecast which two horses you think will come first and second. There’s a large variation of possibilities, and the odds change depending on your type of bet, you will soon get the hang of it, so get started and prepare yourself for unbridled thrills!