Join Penalty Shootout Arcade Game Online at South Africa

Penalty Shootout is a football-themed casino arcade game from Playtech. Whether you play football or not, with our casino games online you can enjoy the thrill of aiming for the goals. There are a number of different ways to plan your penalty shot, but the fact that you won’t need to actually kick the ball yourself means that everyone has an equal chance of winning in this random game. The game features the end of a football field with a view of the goal. A goalkeeper is standing in the centre of the goal waiting for the penalty shot. You will watch your player running up to the ball and kicking it and watch the keeper dive to save the shot. The game is rich on animations and the sound effects will put your right into the atmosphere of a penalty shootout.

Playing the Game

To begin a game of Penalty Shootout players must place their bets. You can increase or decrease the size of your bet to suit your bankroll. You will then need to choose the direction your penalty will be kicked in by clicking on one of the red arrows in front of the goal. There are five different directions to choose from, each offering different odds which range from 3x to 12x. Once you have chosen your kicking direction the red arrow you chose will turn to yellow and you will need to click on Kick for the ball to be kicked toward the goal. The ball will always be kicked in the direction you chose. The computer’s goalkeeper will attempt to save the shot, generally by diving toward the ball. In some instances, the goalkeeper may miss entirely, jumping in the opposite direction. If your ball goes into the goals you will win the bet. If the keeper saves the goal you will lose your bet and will be able to try again. Your previous ten kick results will be listed on the right hand side of the screen and you can use these to plan your next kicks.


There are five areas you can kick the ball to and these will win if the ball goes into the goal. The lower corners pay out the lowest at 3x your bet, the upper middle pays out 5x your bet and the top corners pay out the most at 12x your bet.

If your penalty shot goes in successfully, you will hear the crowd cheering for you. The animated game is plenty of fun as you watch the goalkeeper diving all over the screen. Visit the online arcade games suite at the online casino South Africa - based players can enjoy playing at – South Africa.