Join Megaball Arcade Game Online at South Africa

Megaball is one of the progressive online arcade games from Playtech. The game requires you to bet on the number and colour of a ball that will be drawn. This is a lottery-style game that can be played at a casino online, offering a wide range of betting options and the chance to win impressive wins off small bets. If you like to have lots of betting options in front of you and you enjoy the thrill of playing for a progressive jackpot, this is the casino game for you.

Playing Megaball

To begin Megaball players will need to place a bet on the colours and numbers of the balls that will be drawn. There is a wide range of betting options available and players will need to make their decisions quickly as the betting rounds are timed and new rounds are started regularly. If you haven’t yet made your choice, you will miss out on the game. The game includes balls numbered from 1-48 and 16 of each of the colours red, blue and yellow.

Bets in the game include:

  • Colour bets – There are 21 different colour bets. Players must choose the colour red, blue or yellow and one of 7 numbers (0 to 6).
  • Cocktail bets – There are 2 cocktail bets. The cocktail bet will win if all three colours are represented in the next draw. The double cocktail bet will win if the next draw holds exactly two of each colour.
  • Sixth bets – There are 51 sixth bets. Players bet on the colour and number of the last ball that is drawn.
  • Steps bets – There are 2 steps bets. The increase bet wins if each ball drawn is of a higher value than the one preceding it. The decrease bet wins if each ball drawn is of a lower value than the one preceding it.
  • Number bets – There are 4 number bets. The player chooses one to four numbers and wins if all four numbers are represented in the next ball draw.
  • First and Last bets – The player bets on the first or last ball being of a higher value.
  • Total bets – There are 7 total bets. The player bets on the range of the total value of the drawn balls.

Playing for the Progressive

Megaball is a progressive game, offering a progressive jackpot that can be won in the real money mode of play. To be eligible for the jackpot players will need to bet on the jackpot and then select five numbers. If all five numbers are drawn, the progressive jackpot will be awarded.

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