Play Heads or Tails Arcade Game Online at South Africa

Most people know the concept of flipping a coin for a game of Heads or Tails and Playtech has taken this classic gambling game and turned into one of its modern arcade games online. Except that in this online casino game, players have the chance of winning impressive cash prizes. If you are looking for a simple game, this can be the one; however, it can also transform into a more exciting game with additional betting options.

Rules of Play

The rules of Heads or Tails are straightforward and the game is simple to play. The default setting for the game is to play with one coin, but there is an option to play with two coins at a time for those that are a little bit more daring. In addition, you can choose if you want to bet on the outcome coming up for one flip, two flips or three flips in a row.

To start the game you must choose your bet size. Then, choose if you want to play with one or two coins. You must keep in mind that if you choose to play with two coins, you must guess the outcome of both coin flips correctly in order to win your bet. Finally, choose if you want to play for one, two or three flips. If you play for three flips means that you are betting that the outcome of the coin flip will be the same for three flips in a row.

You can see the history of the previous coin flips (for both one and two coin flips) listed on the left hand side of the screen while you continue playing new games.

Winning the Game

If you guess the outcome of the coin flip correctly you will win. If you play two coins, you must guess the outcome of both coin flips correctly in order to win. The more complex the bet you place, the higher your winning payout will be if you bet correctly. In other words, you will be paid out more if you win on two coins compared to playing with one coin. You will win more for betting on three coin flips than you will win for betting on two coin flips. The minimum payout in the game is 1.9, while the highest payout is 60.

Playing Heads or Tails at South Africa gives you the chance to play an age old favourite in a modern format, online. It offers some complex betting options to increase the excitement of the game. Visit the online casino games suite to put the coin to the test and see how much it will win for you.