Check out the hottest Android Casino now

Since the first Android smartphone was released to the public in October of 2008, this operating system has been gathering steam and running full force ahead with nothing able to block its path. Despite its late arrival to the scene, after multiple other popular mobile operating systems, it now leads the worldwide market with 80% of its share! That means that most of the smartphone users around the world are using it, which makes it obvious that one of the current versions of our mobile casino is the Android Casino.

We, of course, value all of our customers and have created access through the mobile website for all users, and even added the iPhone casino, but there is no question that the lion’s share of smartphone access is through phones using this Google marketed operating system.

Important Android Casino Information

The first thing to remember if you are going to be using Android Casino from South Africa regularly through your mobile device (and we know you are) is that your battery should always be fully charged. So that you don’t end up in a frustrating situation where your phone craps out on you right before you might have won the huge progressive jackpot because you forgot to charge it before you left the house, make sure you have a full charge and possibly even consider investing in a second battery or external charging case so that you don’t have to worry about losing out.

Android Casino Features

We wouldn’t want to you to think, like with so many other things, that by accessing the mobile version of Android Casino, you’ll be missing out. We have packed all of your favourite games and account setting options into this app-like website so that you’re not wanting for anything!

You can enjoy video poker by playing Jack or Better, and work towards the holy grail of hands, the royal flush, for incredible cash payouts of up to 4,000 credits on a max bet hand. You can also bet on whether or not you are luckier than the dealer in the classic version of mobile blackjack offered here. Once you’re finished with your card betting strategy, you can move on over to the pure luck based games like mobile roulette and mobile slots in the hopes that lady luck will visit you tonight and hand over the jackpot you’ve been waiting for.