Withdrawal Policy

At Casino.com, we believe that it is important for you to be able to access withdrawable funds in your account as quickly as possible. It is also essential that we abide by regulatory requirements to process withdrawal requests in a secure and legally compliant manner. Due to this, we require all new members to verify their identity before their first withdrawal request can be processed. 

Please note that we will only have to verify your identity the one time, so you should not be asked to share these documents with us again. 

Account Verification

To verify your identity and proceed with your withdrawal request, we will require the forms of identification listed below. These documents can be directly and securely uploaded to us via the upload system in the “Account Verification” section of your Account.

You can also scan or digitally photograph your verification documents and email them to docs@casino.com. Please ensure that each file is 1MB or under, and that the email does not exceed 10MB. Acceptable file types are jpeg, tiff or pdf. 

1. Valid Photographic ID

We accept the following forms of valid (must be in date and not expired) photographic ID, provided the signature, name and photograph are clearly visible. You can click on the below options to view an example of each:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • National ID card

2. Credit Card

We require a copy of the front and back of the card that you use to fund your account. The first 6 and last 4 digits of your long credit card number are required. The remaining digits can be hidden, as can the last 3 digits of the security code from the back of your card. If you use more than one card to fund your account, you may be asked to supply copies for the additional cards as well.

You can find an example of this by clicking here.

Please note, a recent card statement may be provided as an alternative option, but only if the credit card itself is not available.

3. Proof of address

As part of our KYC measures, we will also need to verify your address. This can be done using either a utility bill, credit card bill or bank statement. Please note that we cannot accept the following as a valid proof of address document: phone/mobile phone bills; statements from online-only banking services or institutions, including but not limited to providers such as Revolut, Monzo, Monese, N26, Tandem, Starling Bank, Transfer Wise, Bunq, Bnex, etc. The document must be dated in the last 3 months, we must be able to see the full document, and it must be clearly legible with all edges of the paper visible.

It can take up to 72 hours to process your documents and update your account. After this, you will be able to withdraw from your account, subject to individual payment processors internal processing times.

As mentioned above, we recommend that you upload these documents via your Account in the “Account Verification” section, or alternatively you can email your documents to us.

Please note that, under certain circumstances, additional documentation may be required, such as confirmation of deposits, a self-certified ID (selfie photo taken holding ID document), bank reference or notarised ID. The provision of these documents will be at your own cost.  

General Withdrawal Information

You may request a withdrawal of all your funds at any time, but please note that Casino.com reserves the right to limit withdrawals to the following daily, weekly, and monthly limits of up to:

  • $/€100,000 per day
  • $/€250,000 per week
  • $/€1,000,000 per calendar month

*Subject to applicable bank/card/payment provider limits.

Additional information
  • You can only withdraw using previous depositing methods.
  • You will be able to cancel your withdrawal and have the funds returned to your Casino.com account balance up until the moment that the withdrawal is processed by the casino.
  • Your withdrawal method may be restricted based on your country. Please contact support for further information on which withdrawal methods are available to you.
  • Please note that if you have any outstanding bonuses on your account you will not be able to withdraw until you meet the terms of that bonus. Please click here for general promotional information.
  • Large withdrawals might take longer to be processed (5 days).
  • If you have partaken in any form of bonus abuse, cheating, fraud or taken advantage of any software or system bug or failure as further described in our General Promotional Terms and Conditions, then your withdrawal may be delayed and any winnings stemming from such abuse may be withheld. Such actions are taken on accounts at the point of withdrawal request.
  • Due to strict anti-money laundering requirements we require one or more forms of documentation to verify your identity as set out above. If for a continuous period of 180 days from our request for this verification documentation, we have still not received the same from you then the funds remaining in your account will be removed and your account closed.
  • Certain payment methods (Instadebit and Instant Payments by Citadel) have extended processing periods of between 6-12 days and therefore, withdrawals using these methods may take longer.
  • Please note that using payment methods (whether debit or credit card, or e-wallets or other banking options) that are registered to a Company ("corporate card") rather than to the Player's name is generally prohibited. By using a corporate card you confirm that you are authorised to use such a card to access our Services. Please note that once we become aware that you are using a corporate card, you will be required to prove that you are authorised to use such card(s) to use our Services. If you are using or wish to use a corporate card, please contact customer support for more information.
  • From time to time it may be necessary for our payments team to process withdrawals to an alternative payment method than the one selected by the customer. Our AML regulations oblige us to ensure all payment methods are refunded in a way that carries the least risk to both the customer and to the company. These actions will only occur after consideration from our risk and AML teams, which may cause a delay in the payment processing time.
  • Casino.com does not accept payment methods in individuals’ names that are different to the registered account holder and have automated and manual solutions to prevent such registrations as far as is possible. Should a payment method be discovered on an account with different registered name details and where there is no evidence of fraudulent activity, Mansion will prevent further usage of that particular payment method and take steps to cover the liability through future transactions. Any accounts similarly detected but with potentially suspicious activity will however be sanctioned, with Mansion reserving the right to request additional documents for due diligence purposes in line with the verification policy.