Sweets Named After Casino Games


Hungry? You will be… This week, we are getting our teeth stuck into the sugary world of sweets. What’s the perfect chew to accompany a game of blackjack? What sweet should you take for a spin on the roulette table? What do you suck when you’re playing a slot?

We’ve saved up our pocket money and made our way to the tuck shop, to unwrap the answers. Get ready for a sugar rush.

Blackjack – Black Jacks

Sometimes these articles just write themselves. Clearly, the classic sweet to enjoy as you play a game of blackjack is… errr… a black jack.

These iconic aniseed flavoured sweets will be fondly remembered by many. Along with the fruit salad, they are one of Britain’s most popular ‘penny chews’ (although, these days, they cost at least twice that!).

Black jacks were originally manufactured by Trebor Bassett, until it merged with chocolate behemoth Cadbury. Until the 1980s, black jacks featured a smiling golliwog on their wrapping.

Today, black jacks come in a pack of 15 – complete with inoffensive packaging! Their delicious aniseed flavour makes them hard to put down. However, the fact they make your teeth go black, and have a mild laxative effect, may cause complications if you are in the middle of a hot run at the table.

Roulette – Haribo Roulette

Once again – we have a winner. Can there be a better sweet to suck as you toss your chips on the table? When playing roulette, eat roulette.

Haribo roulette are tricky to find. You can track them down online and they often appear in shops like Poundland. They are also available as multi-packs in supermarkets.

I think that the Haribo roulette sweets are identical in taste to gummi Gold-Bears. They’re just not shaped like bears. (The vagueness here is due to both a lack of information on the Haribo website and fact that my taste buds are under assault from a thick coating of sugary gelatin).

The actual sweets look like casino chips and come in some of the key colours of the roulette table. They are sweet, fruity, and very moreish. However… just like black jacks, they share an unfortunate side effect. Read the comedy comments here.

If you want to create a stir when you next enjoy a game of roulette, whip out your sweets at the table and sing “Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of HARIBO”. Just make sure you’re sitting pretty close to a toilet.

Slots – Cherry Drops

The diabetic coma is approaching fast. No one should have to endure this quantity of confectionery so early in the day. We looked high and low for a sweet called slots and just found 100s of online slots featuring sweets.

So… as one of the most highly featured symbols on any slot is the cherry, we plumped for the classic cherry drop.

Cherry drops are the ultimate boiled sweet: rock hard, buttock-clenchingly sour, and very sweet. They keep forever and will guarantee you a lot of quality time with you local dentist.

The history of the cherry drop is tied up with the history of the cough sweet. There are a few people claiming credit for the cherry drop.

We have the artisan business Willhem Mueller in Duisburg, Germany. He started his boiled sweet business in 1949 and still uses copper kettles to boil up his ‘pure, natural’ ingredients.

Across the pond, in the USA, it’s the Smith brothers from Poughkeepsie who lay claim to the sweet. The brothers met a snake oil salesman in 1852 and bought his recipe for cough drop syrup. This was refined into a sweet. Years later, a sour cherry version was created.

However, we think the real winner is none other than George Bassett – the man behind the licorice allsort. George started his sweet manufacturing empire in 1842. Today, you can still get as fruity as you like and buy the classic Bassetts cherry drops

So… there you have it: three sweets all perfectly suited to some tasty online action. If you want to sweeten up your game, start sucking!

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