Visa Electron Casino

Visa Electron is a debit card and direct competitor to MasterCard’s Maestro platform. It is offered in most countries, except for the United States, Canada and Australia. (Visa debit card services are offered in these countries but under a different name.) The Visa Electron is closely related to the Visa Debit, the major difference between the two being that Visa Debit accounts can be overdrawn to a certain degree, whereas Visa Electron accounts cannot.

Visa Electron can be used online. This makes it an ideal payment method for players who use the Visa Electron debit card will find it easy when making a withdrawal or deposit. The Visa electron works much like a typical Visa card, the biggest difference is that, each time the card is used, it must be authorized electronically, which makes it impossible to get overdrawn.

How to use the Visa Electron Debit Card at

The Visa Electron debit card is one of the most popular payment methods, and, as a part of Visa Inc., it is also one of the most secure ways of transferring money to your account. If you have a Visa Electron card you can log in into your account, go to the payment page, select the Visa Electron option and enter the amount of money you’d like to deposit. Unlike a regular Visa card, a player cannot deposit more than he or she has in their bank account.

Once you set an amount you’ll have to input your private 16-digit code and the 3 digit CCV code that is located on the back of the debit card. Once the deposit is confirmed the money will be immediately transferred to your account. Check your account to verify the money arrived and you can start playing your favorite online casino games for real money.

Making a withdrawal is just as simple. Once you’ve logged into your account, simply go to the Cashier and choose the Visa Electron option. Next, select how much money you would like to withdraw from your account and the money will be wired back to your personal bank account.

Advantages of using Visa Electron

Visa is one of the largest of the largest credit cards companies in the world and having their name attached to the Visa Electron card is reason enough to feel secure while using it.