The rules of online video poker

The rules of online video poker are much like those of other poker games. As in traditional poker, video poker features various hand of cards, betting options and opportunities to double your money and win some fantastic cash prizes. Enjoy playing video poker at, the ‘only place to play.’

Playing online video poker

The aim of the game is to be dealt a five-card poker hand featuring a winning combination – the better the hand, the more money you will win. You must select the cards you wish to keep or replace – the rest is all down to luck.

Once you’ve downloaded our software and have selected the poker game you’d like to play, you must place an ante bet. This is the first bet and must be of one or more credits. Next, click on the Deal button to be dealt a hand of cards. Have a good look at the cards and decide which of them you’d like to keep and which you’d like to exchange for new ones.

You must hold on to the cards of the highest potential value and exchange cards of a lower value in the hope that the new ones, randomly drawn from the deck, will complete a superior winning hand. The online casino will pay out if your hand matches one of the winning combinations displayed in the game’s pay table.

Each of our online video poker games has its own pay table. These allocate the payouts for specific hands and are based on the likeliness of certain cards being dealt. Most pay tables start with a minimum hand consisting of a pair of Jacks. This will pay an even amount.

Other recognised poker hands, however, share the same combinations as those in traditional table poker, such as ‘three of a kind,’ ‘flush’ (any five cards of the same suit), ‘full house’ (a pair and a three of a kind) and a ‘royal flush’ (a 10, jack, queen, king and ace – all of the same suit).

In casino video poker, the smallest winning hand you can achieve is a pair of 10s. Any card lower than this cannot be considered a winning hand.

Progressive jackpots in online video poker

Many online video poker games offer unique bonuses and progressive jackpots – making them more fun to play and giving the player further opportunities to win.

While a typical video poker jackpot will pay around 800-to-1 for a winning hand such as a Royal Flush, a progressive jackpot will offer even more because each game in the casino lobby offering the progressive jackpot is linked. Therefore they each pay a percentage of every coin invested into the same pool of money and one lucky winner will be entitled to the whole amount. is one of the most popular online casinos. To start playing online video poker at, you can download our software and create an account. Make sure you read the how to play video poker page before you begin a game. For more information on the game, visit our history of video poker page, and to read more about the terms and phrases used while playing video poker, see below. If you have any questions about the game, please contact a member of our friendly Customer Support team, who are on hand to help you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Online video poker terms

  • Video poker: the online casino game version of traditional poker in which a five-card draw is combined with a slot machine format.
  • Ante: refers to the first bet each player must make in order to begin a game of online video poker.
  • Check: this occurs when a player decides not to bet on a given round, but still has the right to call or raise later on in the same round.
  • Flop: refers to the first three community cards dealt in casino video poker.
  • Fold: this occurs when a player decides to pass on their ante bet after the cards have been dealt and they’re afraid of losing to the dealer.
  • Progressive Jackpot: this refers to a jackpot, the value of which continuously increases with each online video poker game played.
  • Bonus poker: an online poker game in which you can win an extra bonus for a hand of four of a kind, depending on the card rankings.
  • Joker: refers to an additional card found in the deck of cards. The Joker will function differently, depending on the poker game you are playing.