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Caribbean Stud Poker is a great variation of poker in which you are playing solely against the house/dealer and not against other players which makes it ideal as an online gaming experience! Effectively, there is no bluffing involved so the need to wear shades blacker than coal is never on the agenda. Additionally, there are no draw or community cards either. The origins of the game are quite recent and stem from the late 1980s when a gambler agreed to loan a down-on-his-luck poker player $5,000 in return for showing him the rules of the game. The gambler went on to sell Caribbean Stud Poker to a friend who was the owner of a casino on the small Caribbean island of Aruba - hence the name - although the game only really took off with the introduction of the linked progressive jackpot. It’s a simple game to play but a very popular addition to the online casino collection so pay us a visit and see for yourselves.

Caribbean adventure ups the ante

The game starts when the player chooses a chip size and places it in the ‘Ante’ circle towards the bottom of the screen. The player is then dealt five face-up cards, and the dealer receives the same number of cards but only one is displayed. There are now only two options to the player - either fold or call. Folding means you simply lose your ante bet and the game is over. Should you choose to call then your original stake is doubled and placed in the ‘Call’ circle. The four remaining unseen cards of the dealer are then exposed and both hands are then compared using standard high poker rankings. However, for the dealer to qualify he must have an ace and a king in his hand or one of the stronger hands, such as a pair, otherwise he automatically loses. Should the dealer not qualify the player receives double the ante and the remaining bet is returned. There is also a scale of winnings should the player win in the showdown starting from 1:1 for a pair or ace/king combination, right up to 200:1 for a royal flush. Make the right call and check out online casino games where the action never stops.

Go for jackpot joy at Caribbean Stud Poker

Just to make things more exciting there is a progressive jackpot option which costs $/€1 to enter. The returns are considerably higher if you land one of the higher-ranked hands and a royal flush will activate the jackpot. You must place a $/€1 in the ‘Jackpot’ circle before the hands are dealt though. And to give you a helping hand we are offering newcomers to a 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus to make your experience at online videopoker go with a bang!