Online 25-Line Aces & Faces Video Poker

Play your favourite Aces & Faces video poker game 25 hands at a time! Aces & Faces has never been more exciting than when you're playing a full screen of poker hands.

How to Play 25-Line Aces & Faces Video Poker

Playing 25-Line Aces & Faces online videopoker isn't much different from playing the classic Aces & Faces game. You place your bets, click on 'Deal', and then examine a single 5-card poker hand that's dealt to you.

After you choose which cards you'd like to hold, those cards will then appear as held cards in the remaining 24 poker hands on the screen. You will then have 25 identical poker hands. When you click 'Deal' for the second time, the dealer will fill in each of the missing slots in each of your 25 hands, creating 25 individual hand combinations. Each one of these hands will be evaluated individually to determine your winnings.

Remember, as it is an Aces & Faces game, your lowest possible winning hand is a pair of any face card or aces. Pairs of cards valued at 2 through 10 do not constitute a winning hand.

After you win a hand (or hands, as is often the case), you'll be brought to a bonus game — this is the same doubling bonus game that you'll find with other video poker games, like Deuces Wild or 2-Ways Royal. All you need to do is choose a card from the face-down selection. If the card is higher than the dealer's card, then you win.'s Aces & Faces Online Video Poker

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